October 29, 2013

Running for the Beginners

It is not a secret here that I’m not into sports and I’m so lazy to exercise and stretch my body. I know that running is included in my goals for years and until now I’m still not doing it. Well, I tried walkathon but I did not pursue it at all. You can call me lazy, as the quote says

“The hardest step for a runner is the first one out of the door”

But honestly, I’m not giving up my goal yet because I know time will come that I will start running. In the meantime, I’m busy reading articles about “benefits of running” to convince myself that I should start immediately because running offers several health benefits such as

1. It build strong bones.
2. It strengthen muscles.
3. It will improve cardiovascular fitness
4. It will help you to maintain a healthy weight.
5. It will burn plenty of calories.

I’m also searching information like “running for beginners” so I would be prepared. Sharing to you some information that I’ve found all over the web.

1. Decide and set goals 

Of course the first thing we need to do is decide. Decide when to start running and set your goals. Are you going to run in the morning or evening? Every day run or weekend run? Are you interested in participating fun run or marathon in the near future?

2. Plan your route 

Safety is very important when you run so make sure you choose the right route.

3. Wear the right gear 

If you think that dark coloured clothes are good then you are wrong. Director Felicia Hubber said we need to “dress like a Christmas tree” for safety issue. It means we need to wear bright colors or put some reflective accents. I was checking TheClymb site, looking for different running apparel and gear.

Aside from clothes, shoes are very important so buy an appropriate pair of running shoes. My husband bought me running shoes last month and hopefully I can use it soon.

4. Create a mantra – running mantra will inspire us in order to achieve a certain goal. Some mantras I’ve found are

“If I run now, I can feel good about it all day. If I skip it now, I’ll feel guilty all day”

“A few moments of discomfort now, a day’s worth of elation later”

You can create your own mantra and because I’m not into running yet my mantra for now is “I can do this”.

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