March 28, 2014

How to Get to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

After I booked Manila to Kuala Lumpur via Cebu Pacific, I visited Air Asia website to check Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru flight schedule and price. I know that we can go to Singapore via bus but since I dislike long travel by land and the plane ticket is not that expensive, I chose plane.  

But it took me a week to decide which flight will I take and I ended up booking Kuala Lumpur to Singapore since we will just visit Legoland Malaysia for one day. I paid P2,322.42 for 3 persons.

Taken at 7am, ang dilim pa sa KL
We checked-out early at Sky Hotel Bukit Bintang and took a taxi to KLCCT. We ate breakfast at the airport too.

Air Asia

It was not my first time to ride Air Asia because I tried this when we went to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia so I know what to expect but the “self-check-in” thing is new to me. I don’t have no idea what to do but since I don’t want to pay service fee for manual check-in, we tried it.

Well, it is not difficult to use, as long as you can read and follow instructions, everything will be easy.

1.Scan the barcode from your printed itinerary or type in your booking number.
2.Select guest you’d like to check-in. Scan the passport.
3.Print Boarding Pass.
4.Verify the documents and drop checked baggage at the baggage drop/document check counter.

KLCCT is not that big so you will not get lost. There’s free wifi too, I guess 1-2 hours free of use. It is just enough while waiting for your boarding time.

One thing that I dislike in Air Asia is we wont be seated together even we check-in as a group but I was happy with my seat number because I was in the front row, I love the leg room. My husband and son were at my back.

In less than an hour travel time, we landed Changi Aiport. Hello Singapore!

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  1. How was your Singapore trip? My hubby grew up there but I've never been there myself.

  2. Your son looks like he enjoyed the plane ride. good to know that you did not have a hard time checking-in.

  3. We haven't done the trip from Singapore to Malaysia as we planned on our last visit. And so we missed visiting Lego Land.

  4. 2300++ pesos for 3 pax is really a good deal. I would love to see your Legoland post.

    1. Yes, it is cheaper and better than riding a bus.

  5. Wow! I cant wait for my son to grow up and bring him here.

    Thanks also for the info about self check in. I have not done it also and atleast now I wont be ignorant about it when I see it hehe.:

  6. WOW! What a trip! I haven't been to KL nor Singapore.

  7. When you book online, Air Asia is going to ask you for your preferred seat for a fee. If you don't even if you checked-in as a group there is a big probability of being seated away from each other.

  8. That price you got for 3 seats is sooo affordable! Wish it was that cheap to go anywhere in the world hehe.

  9. Yup, the price for 3 seats was not that bad! Just to share, my husband took the bus from KL to Singapore years ago and it was just fine for us. The bus was so comfortable, it was like a plane on wheels. It was complete with reclining seats, tables to eat on, blankets, movies plus electric sockets should you need to charge your gadgets!

  10. where's the Legoland trip? I wanna see! hihi

    1. here's the link :)