March 28, 2014

Ponds Pore Conditioning Toner and Cream

Ponds Toner and Cream are part of my beauty regimen. I started using the cream when I was still in college maybe because it is budget friendly for me. But when I got pregnant, I stop using any beauty products then I became lazy.

But when you reach the age of 30 and you will see yourself in the mirror, you realized that you need to do something so I started using the cream again. I recently bought this Ponds cream and it is very different from what I’m used too. I like the “Powder Finish Day Cream” as in para na ko may powder and no oily look. =)

According to packaging, Pond’s White Beauty

1. Purify skin layer by layer for a translucent pinkish white glow from within.
2. Lighten dark spots for clear even-toned skin.
3. Provide triple sun protection agents.

Time will tell if it will really lighten my skin.

I can’t remember the first time I tried the Ponds Pore Conditioning Toner but I know that I’ve been buying this for years because even my husband is using it. The pore conditioning toner cares for your pores to give you radiantly fair skin that is smooth and refined up close. It is enriched with vitamin B3, pore tightening essence and sunscreen. 

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