March 27, 2014

Day 2: DIY Kuala Lumpur City Tour

We always travel on a shoestring so most of our trips are DIY because I know that we can save more money than availing tour packages. But when I’m doing our Kuala Lumpur itinerary, I got a little bit scared because of the news and stories that I’ve been reading like motorcycle riding in tandem and not so good taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur. 

But there are two blogs that I’ve read that they always come back to Kuala Lumpur because they feel safe so I left comment to confirm and he said (not in exact words) “Parang Manila lang yan, kung sanay ka sa Manila parang ganun din sa KL”. I grew up in Metro Manila so it means I just need to be extra careful. 

 If you are in a budget, you can avail the “KL Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour Bus” or “Free Go KL City Buses”. But I decided to avail a KL City Tour because I only have one whole day and Kuala Lumpur is the first leg of our trip so I don’t want any bad experience. I searched, inquired and haggled for lowest rate. I dislike group tour because I have a kid in tow so private tour it is. I only avail half day city tour because I like to visit Batu Caves too.

while waiting for our service
Started our tour at 8AM so by lunch time we’re already in KL Sentral Station. First stop is Petronas Twin Towers for our morning shot.

Then National Monument     

Istana Negara

Out of curiosity, I still included National Mosque in our itinerary but there’s nothing to see naman. I have to wear this robe and remove shoes. #rulesarerules. The Mosque is really clean, nakakadulas nga sa linis e.

Next stop is KL City Gallery, include this in your itinerary if you want to know more about Kuala Lumpur heritage, culture and history. You will be amazed with all the architecture models. Don’t worry admission is free.

Merdeka Square, pole is too high.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, this building is so huge that I can’t take picture of the entire building.

We went to KL Tower but did not go in because the rate is too expensive for me.

Then we went to National Palace, do not forget to include this in your itinerary even there’s a fee of RM10 because it is rare opportunity for us to see a palace and have a glimpse of the life of royalties. No photos because taking picture is prohibited.

We’re supposed to go to Thean Hou Temple and Sri Marriaman Temple but my son was already in tears when we went back to the car, he’s so bored with our tour so we told the driver to drop us off in Mid Valley Mall and that will be the end of our tour.

We ate lunch and decided to go back to Sky Hotel because my son was not in the mood. Well, I can’t blame him so we have to let go the Batu Caves tour also.

If you’re thinking that you can only see Petronas Twin Towers in KL, then you are definitely wrong because there’s more and you can do it even if you have limited time, yes you can tour KL in one day. 

Anyway, I booked our tour here

Raymond Estrella
Mobile No. Malaysia -+6017322-85-35
Mobile No Roaming (Sun Cellular) SMS only - +63943-4766-127

and our driver is Mr. Suhaimi, he is so nice and I learned few things about KL because of him. 


  1. Di kayo pumunta ng oceanarium? Nasa loob lang ng KLCC mall yun, baka natuwa si ethan dun.

    1. Hindi na kasi kagagaling lang namin sa Ocean Adventure before the trip. Nagpapicture na lang kami sa labas ng Aquaria ba name nung oceanarium. Hehehe

  2. Hi! How much po yung tour niyo?thanks!