March 21, 2014

Must have Things when Travelling

Just like that summer is already here and I’m pretty sure that most of you are excited to plan for your summer getaways. Summer is the best time to hit the beach, pool or visit cold places like Baguio and Tagaytay, well it depends on your preferences.

We started our summer getaways after my son Moving Up, we immediately visited Mind Museum as my son’s reward for finishing his Kinder Level. But of course summer is not complete without family outing, so our family will have a day trip in Stilts Calatagan and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I’m so excited to visit these places. How about you what are your summer plans?

Our family loves to travel when time and budget permits and whenever I pack, I tend to bring the whole house but for ordinary day, whether short or long trip, I always bring this small pouch with me. It includes my must-have things when going out.

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste
2. Swish Mouthwash
3. Lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick

We know that brushing our teeth is not enough so don’t forget to bring Swish Mouthwash or Swish Breath Spray. Good thing that Swish Mouthwash is available in different sizes, there’s 250ml, 120ml, 60ml and 35ml. Honestly, I prefer Swish Breath Spray because you don’t need a sink but if there’s no available at home, 35ml will do. 

Swish is a quality product of Unilab

1) With Swish, they have assured fresh breath all day! Swish Mouthwash--used at home / inside the bathroom and Swish Breath Spray--for on the go!
2) Powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis
3) Alcohol Free-- safe to use every day! and assures an enjoyable gargling experience

How about you, what are your must-have things when traveling?

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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