August 20, 2014

Lunch at Pancake House

Even though I have some not so good experience when it comes to food and service in Pancake House restaurant,  I do give chances so I still eat in this restaurant. I shared it before my not so good experience in their Boracay branch and would you believe it happened again in Festival Mall branch. 

I ordered the same meal which is Hot Roast Beef and same experience, ang tigas ng kanin and even I informed the staff about it, mukhang nireheat lang ang rice sa oven. So I did not eat the rice anymore. I was thinking na pag dinner, do not order any rice meal. 

Well, my husband and son were satisified with their order. What I like in Pancake House, they give activity sheet and crayons so my son has something to do while waiting for the order. 

Well, this happened November 2013 so after several months we tried this restaurant again and hoping na ok na. Two weeks ago after my check-up in New Sinai, we went to SM Sta Rosa to eat lunch. We ordered Pork Vienna and because my son wanted fried egg, my husband ordered Arroz a la Cubana. Nag Pancake House kami para sa egg, hehehe!. 

My husband said, I should try the Country Sausage because it is delicious. #promise He ordered and I was shocked sa sobrang liit and for me, ok lang lasa. Naovercooked lang daw sabi ni hubby. But I think this is not worth it for P100+. 

Can you suggest any meal that I should order in Pancake House?


  1. i love the sausage... so far no bad experience pa kami sa pancake house.

  2. We're regular Pancake House eaters and so far, we haven't experienced problems except that one time, our food was too spicy. Spicy naman talaga yung dish but it was just too much that night but the place was packed and our orders took a long time to be served, so we were too starved to ask for replacement. The server nga told us we should've asked for replacement, they're willing to do that naman daw. But this is in Bonifacio High Street. I haven't tried the one in Bora and in festival mall, I think all I ordered there were tacos and milk shakes.

    Spaghetti is always top choice for me at Pancake house, then tacos. We used to like their hot roast chicken but not since they changed the bread into a thicker slice. My husband loves the Spicy Chicken Pilaf. :)

  3. I am a regular customer of Pancake House too, I usually order their arroz ala cubana or burger steak. So far, no bad experiences. The corndogs are so yummy too!

  4. The say they have the best tacos in town, so I guess you should try em :)

  5. I am a filipino but unfortunately i've never been to Boracay, such a pity I know. But anyway, I hope to go their with my family in the future.

  6. I get the pancakes with sausage or longganisa meal (not so sure of the names already) for breakfast. Usually the spaghetti club set for lunch or dinner. I love the food (most of the time) but service still leaves little to be desired. Kakahinayang din minsan. =(

  7. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I've never really had a bad experience in Pancake House. Normally, I order the roast beef too, the tacos or the waffles.

  8. I ahven't tried ordering a rice meal from pancake House yet.I like their Crispy Bacon on Aspagarus & Mushroom Tagliatelle, though. I think you should just order pasta when you're there.