December 19, 2014

DIY Build a Snowman

We’ve been doing a lot of DIY and craft this month because of the advent calendar activity and day 16 was the last craft that we did “Make a Christmas Craft” 

For the longest time, my son wanted to experience snow and build a snowman. Oh yes, he wanted a real snow and we all know that we don’t have snow in the Philippines. I don’t know when I can grant his wish but for now, we can “Build a snowman” using this template. 

While my son was in school, I cut the snowman template and put everything in a zip lock.

Before we study for his 4th monthly test, I let him do the activity. I gave him a notebook where he can paste the snowman. 

Do you want to build a snowman? Click here for the snowman template. 


  1. Nice Ethan:) one day you can visit le in wintertime:)

  2. I want the kids to try building a snowman for real! XD

  3. I wanna build a snowman too .... brrrrrrr! edel

  4. What a cute activity for the kids this holiday!