December 26, 2014

Mrs. Fields Sugar Cookies

I just realized that having an advent calendar is not easy because we have to do an activity for 24 days. There are times that we missed doing an activity because we’re too tired already like “watch a favorite Christmas movie”, “record yourself singing a favorite Christmas song” and “bake Christmas cookies”. 

I can’t remember what date is the "baking cookies" but my son wanted to make a Christmas tree cookie so even I was really tired last December 23, we still baked. Good thing I have instant cookie mix which I bought when we had Field trip in Subic

It was my first time to try Mrs. Fields instant cookie mix and I followed the direction but I don’t know why the dough is too runny so I can’t use the cookie cutter and rolling pin. 

I ended up using scoop again to make a cookie but my son wanted to have a Christmas tree cookie so my husband put the dough inside the cookie cutter and I baked it with cookie cutter. Hehehe! 

Well, my son was happy and finished his Christmas tree cookie. Now I was looking for cookie recipe where I can use my cookie cutter and rolling pin.


  1. Wow it looks yummy! I hope this is available in S&R so I can try it too :D

  2. maybe na over mixed sya sis or sa weather, may ganun chenez kasi ang baking :) loved the xmas tree cookie so cute!!!

    1. Sa weather nga siguro kasi I've read na I have to put the dough in the fridge pa. I will try it next time. :)

  3. Ang hirap mag bake yan ang di ko forte ; p


  4. Oh yes! It's not easy to keep an Advent Calendar, I've long altered ours. We don't do activities everyday, but we do create a checklist of activities that we tick throughout December.

    I was just thinking about getting a cookie mix instead of baking from scratch. I'll check out Mrs.Fields.

  5. How was it? I'm not really into ready mix and prefer baking cookies and cupcakes from scratch :))

  6. I've been wanting to bake cookies for so long but we don't have an oven right now. Hopefully we can buy one soon. We love cookies!

  7. I didn't know Mrs. Fields has a cookie mix. I'll check if SM or Puregold has this, hope so :-)

  8. I haven't tried baking yet. I hope I can do it this 2015.

  9. Hubby is a wise:) But next time, if the dough is runny, just add more flour:)

  10. I guess baking will just be a dream for me. Hehe! But it looks good huh!