December 20, 2014

DIY Olaf Hat Costume

My son’s Christmas party theme in school is Olaf/Frozen so they were asked to wear a touch of blue, white, and aqua blue. He wanted to wear aqua blue and I went to different malls to check for an aqua blue shirt/polo shirt but I couldn’t find anything. I was trying to persuade him to wear blue or white since we have that at home. And to finally convince him, I made a DIY Olaf Hat Costume

I don’t know where I can buy felt cloth so I bought felt paper, but sadly I couldn’t find black/white felt paper in four National Bookstore that I’ve visited. Good thing I remember his firefly costume so I used some materials of his costume to make his Olaf hat such as black felt paper, brown ribbon, and the antenna. 

I got the idea on this site, but there was no template for everything. I just printed the Olaf picture, got the eyebrow pattern, and drew shapes for the eyes and nose. Fortunately, his dad has a white cap from fun run freebies. 


Felt paper 
Fabric paper for the nose 
Oslo paper 
Brown Ribbon 
Glue gun/ glue sticks 
Cotton for filler (nose) 

I trace my pattern in felt paper and oslo paper. 

Cut and paste everything together. Place cotton inside the nose. Cover the wire with brown ribbon. 

Attach everything to the cap using glue gun. 

I made three circles for his white polo shirt. I sew the circles so it won’t ruin the shirt.

My son was happy with our DIY Olaf Hat Costume.


  1. What a nice idea for a Christmas costume! Economical too :)

  2. thanks for posting this" my daughter already has an elsa costume, maybe i can make this so we can be a tandem.

  3. Wow, you are so creative and talented. You're son looks cute in his Olaf costume :) - edel

  4. I love all your DIY creations. Most of them are so easy to do. Galing!