December 16, 2014

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments

Our day 12 advent calendar activity last Friday is “Make a new ornament for your tree” and I was asking my son if we can do the ornament the following day because I’m tired already. I finished all his reviewers for the 4th monthly test kasi but he did not agree with me. He said, “No, day 12 is an ornament, we will make ornament today” 

So after our dinner, we’re still making an ornament. We’re supposed to make salt dough ornament but when I checked the baking time, waah! I can’t wait anymore so I just printed a snowflake pattern.


Snowflake template
Paper Plate/Cardboard 

I cut the pattern and paste it on the paper plate. I don’t have cardboard so I just use a paper plate. 

Cut the snowflake, put glue and I let my son put all the glitters. I only have gold and green glitters and my son chose green.

Let it dry, place a thread and hang it on the tree. 

Kakulay lang ng Christmas tree
This is the second DIY ornament on our tree, click here for our first DIY ornament and click here for the snowflake pattern 


  1. Nice touch on the glitters! We also try to add a DIY ornament to the tree every year. :)

  2. Very nice! This is actually something I can do since it doesn't involve any drawing :))

  3. I love this idea! Will do this next Christmas!