December 11, 2014

Lighting Ideas for the Home

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Christmas is coming which means one thing - it’s time to adorn the house full of Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Here are a few ideas to make sure this festive season is one to remember.

Ideas for your interior 

Forget about old Jack Frost. There’s no reason why your home shouldn't exude warmth this winter. My first tip is to focus on color. When you return home after a hard day’s work, the lighting can play an important role in helping you to relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Green and red are the perfect festive combination. Wrap your Christmas tree up in colorful lights to create that festive feel, or if you’re more of a minimalist, focus on some simple, delicate and warm lighting like a Christmas themed table lamp. This can really help to create a relaxing mood.

If candlelight is your thing – and believe me, it can make all the difference – consider creating your own cranberry luminaries. They create a wonderful effect for both indoor and outdoor decor and are really easy to make. All you need are some tea light candles, a glass, fake snow, cranberries and a handful of fir branches. Simply fill the glass half full with fake snow, situate the tea light on top, sprinkle with some cranberries and place on a bed of fir branches. 

There are plenty of decorations that you can make yourself. Why not try making some paper bag lanterns? These cute and quirky adornments take only a matter of minutes to make. Use a stencil to cut out a design on your paper bag and place an LED light inside. If you want to take it that little step further you can match the color of the lights with your other decorations to create an added effect that you won’t regret.

Ideas for your exterior 

Share your Christmas spirit with the neighbors with some outdoor decor. Hang some lanterns from the roof of your shed or garage or decorate a window box with greenery and lights. 

Our favorite outdoor Christmas decorations are trees sprinkled with fairy lights. Simply wrap the fairy lights around the branches of the tree to create a stunning, eye-catching decoration that will have the neighbors jumping on the bandwagon. Before you know it the full street will light up creating an extra special Christmas feel.


  1. We don't have lights outside the house just yet. Maybe in the future. Right now, we're only concentrating on decorating inside the house. :)

  2. As much as I want to decorate, it's really hard for me since I'm not that artistic :)) For now, I'll settle with lights muna :)

  3. We just had one lantern on our window this year. maybe next Christmas dagdagan namin.