May 20, 2016

CrimZone at Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

Planning for a vacation is not easy because it takes time to research and to decide which activities you will include in a day especially when you have kids. You also have to consider the location, facilities and amenities of the hotel or resort. Thank God that we reserved a room at Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan because my son really enjoyed our staycation.

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My son loves staycation, he gets excited every time he sees me packing for a short getaway. He really remembers those activities that he enjoyed and he always asked me if I take videos or pictures because he wants to see or watch them over and over again. 

As of now, he can’t forget our recent staycation in Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan. One thing that I like in this resort is the CrimZone, it is the comfort zone of kids. I’m pretty sure that kids will not get bored even if you stay in the resort for a few days. If you want to have time for yourself, you can leave your kids here for a fee or just stay and bond with your kids. 

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If you are planning to book this resort, this post will give you an idea of the different activities in CrimZone. Every morning you will receive a piece of paper to inform you of the schedule of activities for that day (adults and kids). If you don’t want to bring the paper with you, just visit CrimZone and check the whiteboard for the schedule. 

During our first day, we immediately checked CrimZone. There were slides, merry-go-round, toys, books and TV for movie marathon. Actually, my son forgot that we will swim so I have to remind him that we need to go to the beach and we will just go back to the play area tomorrow. Parang ayaw na niya umalis, hehehe!

The following morning, as promised; we stayed in CrimZone after we checked out. Sharing with you the activities that my son joined. 

Face Painting 

First activity is face painting but my son prefers hand painting. Hehehe! 

Figurine Painting 

We missed the 7:30AM Figurine painting activity but I was glad that we can still avail of this activity. The activity is not free, you have to pay P250 but you can take home the finished project. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that my son loves to paint. 

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So he paints while watching movie. In the end, I already helped him because we want to eat lunch na and hindi pa siya tapos, though finishing touches na lang naman. Hehehe! 

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Amazing Kid’s Race 

My son and I love watching Amazing Race so we really waited for this activity. We have no idea that there will be a prize for the winner and my son won the Amazing Kid’s Race. The prize is 15 minutes kayak or bracelet making, we chose the latter because my husband and son don’t want to change clothes na. Everything was packed na rin kasi. 

Bracelet Making

This was an easy activity, all he needs to do is put his chosen beads and the staff will be the one to tie them. Voila, he gave me the bracelet. Hehehe! Bracelet making activity is P125. 

My son wanted to join the Obstacle Course but we have to say goodbye to CrimZone because we need to go to the airport.


  1. Really a relaxing place it is.. I want to visit cebu soon

  2. My son loves staycation also, he loves to stay in the hotel and he remember everything. Nice pala here next stay namin Cebu will suggest here

    1. Yes, there are so many activities, I'm sure your son will enjoy the CrimZone.