May 30, 2016

Kidzania Manila: Where Kids Do Big Things

Update: I've read from CNN Philippines article last July 22 that Kidzanila Manila is closing down by end of August 31, 2020 after months of shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, I was excited when I learned that Kidzania will be opening in the Philippines because I know that my son will have fun doing those activities. I even joined in their giveaways and got some stuff. But when I asked my son if he wants to go to Kidzania, he said no.

Ethan: I don’t like that! I don’t want to work! I can’t do that!
Me: No, that’s not difficult. They will teach and train you how to do the activity. Remember when you grow old, you really need to work to provide your needs and wants.

As a mom, I felt scared when my son said that he doesn’t like to work. Waah! I don’t like to raise a lazy man, one day he will have his own family and he needs to provide for them. I want him to have a family na hindi nakaasa sa parents.

He said those lines too when I want him to register for McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Club last year. My husband told me, relax! Bata pa yan, hindi pa niya gaano maintindihan yan mga bagay na ganyan. Well, sana nga!

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So from first grading, his birthday celebration, semestral break, Christmas break up to fourth grading of the school year, I was asking if he wants to go to Kidzania, the answer is always no. I follow Kidzania’s Facebook page and Instagram to keep me updated so when I saw that they have Art & Design Academy, I immediately told my son about it.

Me: Di ba you like painting activity? Check these pictures o, you can paint in Kidzania.

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After several months of persuading my son to go to Kidzania, he finally said yes. We’re supposed to go here last April 21 for my niece birthday celebration but we went to Cebu and my nephew got sick so we moved it to April 28.

16 Activities in One Day Trip at Kidzania Manila 
Click here for the video 

We were there as early as 7:15AM, sumabay kasi kami sa pasok ni hubby sa office so he dropped us in Kidzania Manila and we waited till 8AM (ticket counter opening time).

We bought our ticket and the staff placed a security bracelet on our hand and gave us a boarding pass and check. Then we waited for my sister’s family. Upon boarding, the staff gave us the map so we checked the different activities while waiting for the opening.

Though I’ve been seeing pictures of Kidzania Manila in Social Media and even TV, I was still amazed when I saw the mini buildings, establishments and even transportations up close and personal. It is like a mini city where everything is walking distance. I wish meron ito nung bata pa ko. Hehehe!

At 9AM, we immediately fell in line so my son can encash the check as soon as possible. Then we went straight to 1. Fire Department, it is one of the in-demand jobs in Kidzania so I was happy that we were able to cross it out on our list. Click here for the video

Then after the first activity, we went to Pazzport Office to avail the CitiZen Pazzport for P250. Being a CitiZen, you will have more benefits like earning more Kidzos or paying fewer Kidzos. (+2 and - 2 Kidzos). You get a discount at Department Store, National Store, and Photography. You will receive emails about the special offers and publications and you can check your resume online. You will get a stamp for each establishment that you will visit. Sayang lang, we have no stamp sa Fire Department kasi inuna namin.

I told my son to work first so he can earn more Kidzos, so the second job is at 2. Courier Service, my son said “Hirap nito mommy” hehehe! At least he knows what job he doesn’t like.

Next is 3. Workout at Fitness Lab, effort talaga to get Kidzos, pawis na pawis after. Hehehe! Click here for the video

Then they work at 4. Vet Clinic, 5. Laudromat, 6. Hotel, 7. Construction Site and 8. Gas Station. Click here for the video

After working so hard, it’s time to spend some Kidzos; my son went to another in-demand job which is 9. Pilot. Sayang lang I don’t have photos because I cannot go inside and I cannot see him outside. I went to Photo Studio so I can buy pictures but he has no picture inside the Aviation Academy.

He learned 10. how to make pizza and we ate it too. Click here for the video.

We went back to Car Design and Dealership so he can apply for 11. driver’s license and I was proud of him because he passed the test. May bumabagsak pala sa exam na yan. Buti pa anak ko my driver’s license na. Hehehe! Then, of course, we went back to Gas Station so he can 12. drive the car. Remember, you cannot drive the car without the license.

Then his last activity at the Automotive is 13. Car Designing and he got a print out of his masterpiece.

After spending Kidzos, it is time to work again so he went to 14. Fish Market, 15. Art Academy and 16. Farm House Store.

We were there from past 7AM til 4PM but we did not notice the time because we really had a good time. We were so glad that we were able to do 16 activities during our first visit and I can definitely say that we will go back again. We were not able to open saving account in the bank because of the limited time so dinala na lang namin pag-uwi. We ate at McDonald while waiting for my husband, 5PM pa out sa office so matagal na paghihintay. Lol My husband was teasing my son, “Akala ko ba, you don’t like Kidzania, bakit babalik pa” hehehe! Lesson learned, don’t say no, try it first.

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  1. I think my kids will also enjoy Kidzania, kaya lang mahal din pala ticket prices. I think I heard kanina sa Showtime that Kidzania has a promo. I just didn't listen carefully. Will see tomorrow if they mention it again.

    1. Yes, medyo pricey so we chose weekday sked para mas mura. :)

  2. I have been planning to bring my son at Kidzania. Sayang nga last time free sana kaso conflict lagi sa oras.

  3. I am really hoping to bring my daughter and niece there this June. Will just wait til the other kids go back to school so it won't be as crowded.

    1. IMO, I think summer vacation is not that crowded because there is no field trip. :)

  4. I'm sure the kids had a lot of fun! It's a great place to learn about the different occupations that grown ups have. It will give the kids a glimpse of what they want to be when they grow up!

    1. Agree, they will experience the real work through play.

  5. There are so many things to do there! Kulang pa ang isang araw, hehe! That would be good for the kids so they could decide early on what they want to do in the future.

    1. True, so we need to go back to do the other activities. :)

  6. this is very interesting and amazing article. children will enjoy there and will remain active.