January 12, 2017

4 Days Adventure in Coron Palawan

Two days ago my husband told me that Nickelodeon is planning to build an underwater resort and theme park in Palawan. Yesterday, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about it and I am one of those people who does not agree with the underwater resort or theme park in Palawan. 

Coron, Palawan is a gem and please do not destroy it. We’ve visited this place 12 years ago and we’re planning to revisit so my son could also see the beauty of Coron. But not anytime soon, since most of the activity here is island hopping. #CoronIsNotBikiniBottom 

And because of this, napareminisce ako bigla ng trip namin. Coron, Palawan is one of my memorable vacations and I consider Coron as one of the best places I have been to. Honestly, I was not familiar with this place when my ex-boyfriend now husband suggested this place.

I’m happy that I’ve visited this place 12 years ago because today the rate is expensive. Imagine almost all places that we have visited before has no entrance fee but now the entrance fee is P200 or less. 

The disadvantage before was the airfare, there is no promo fare and there were only two airlines that offer Busuanga flight which is Sea Air and Asian Spirit. In the year 2005, these two airlines only offer Busuanga route. It was a small plane with only 19 seats, so you really feel the movement of it. (wala na yang airlines ngayon, hehehe!) 

We visited Coron with no preparations at all, we just booked our flight and off we went with no room accommodation and no itineraries. There were a lot of first time experiences and memories in this travel and it was really an adventure for all of us. Sharing with you, our adventure. #AdventureinCoronPalawan 

Day 1 Off to Coron, Palawan 

It was our first trip via airplane with my friend and ex-bf now husband. (level-up na kasi may work na) We’re a little bit nervous because it was also our first time to ride a 19-seater airplane. Thank God, we landed safely at Francisco Reyes Airport. I was surprised to see the airport, ang liit lang niya. From Francisco Reyes Airport, we rode a jeep to reach the city proper, it is P100 per head.  

We did not book any accommodation thinking that it is not a peak season but unfortunately Sea Dive Resort was already fully booked, they said, we could try Darayonan Lodge. We rode a tricycle to get to Darayonan, the lodge is also fully booked but if we could wait till evening, there will be an available room. It was only lunch time but we have no other choice. The room with private bathroom is P300 per head and additional P50 for the TV. Lesson learned, always book your accommodation in advance

We also asked them where we could rent a boat for our trip and they referred us to Calamian Geo Eco-culture Expedition Travel and Tours. We did not want to waste our time so we left our baggage there and visit the travel agency. There are several packages but we booked Coron Tour P1200 and Culion Tour P1800.  

Maquinit Hot Springs 

We hired a tricycle to get to Maquinit Hot Spring for P100. Roundtrip ride plus the driver will wait for us. This was our only itinerary that day. We enjoyed the hot springs and it relieved our stress for not having an accommodation. Hehehe!

We went back to the lodge and we’re so glad that we can already rest. 

Day 2 Coron Island Tour 

We woke up early because the tour will start at 8AM. We went to Calamian Travel and Tours to rent kayak, snorkel, and fins and of course to meet the boatmen. The sea port is just beside the market so before hopping on the boat, we bought cooked rice, bread, and ingredients for grilled liempo which is good for five persons (3 + 2 boatmen) 

Itinerary for the day: Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, Skeleton Wreck, CYC Island, Barracuda Lake and Maquinit Hot spring. We already went to Maquinit Hot Spring during our first day so we skipped this part. 

First stop is Banol Beach, it is a small and peaceful beach where you can relax and unwind. It is a good place to kayak and snorkel. This was our first time to experience kayaking. 

While enjoying the beach, our boatmen cooked our food and we ate our lunch here. 

Next stop is Twin Lagoon, the place is really beautiful and there are so many fish so we tried fishing. We are so happy because we caught several fishes. We gave the fishes to the boatmen, edible naman pala silang lahat. 

Then we went to Skeleton Wreck, where you can see the Japanese shipwreck. I felt so scared because I feel that there are some spirits that will pull my legs so I did not stay too long. lol But if you are a diver, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this place. 

Next stop is CYC Island; the place was so packed so we headed to Barracuda Lake. You need to trek to reach the lake. On our way to the lake, there were so many sea urchins so be careful. 

The Lake is so clean but we’re the only people so we did not stay too long. If ever may mangyari, sa min feeling namin kahit sumigaw kami hindi maririnig ng boatmen. Hehehe! 

Last stop is Siete Pecados, (Marine Park) since we’re so tired na kakalangoy with our life vest, my ex-bf is the only one who swam in this place, he lost our ring nga here, buti na lang hindi pa kami kasal so hindi wedding ring ang nawala. 

Day 3: Culion Tour

Last day of island hopping since we have an early flight the following day. Again, we bought cooked rice and fishes in the market for our lunch. 

Itinerary for the day: Culion Tour, Sangat Island Resort, Gunboat, Coral Garden, Culion Church and Culion Museum

Culion Island is a little bit far so ang tagal sa biyahe but since Palawan is picturesque, you will not get bored. First stop is Gun Boat, our boatmen grilled our fish while we enjoyed the beach. We ate lunch here before going to the resort.

We went to Sangat Island Dive Resort, it is a private resort. We just took some pictures. 

Next stop is Coral Garden.

Last stop is Culion Island, I’m pretty sure that you already heard or read about this place. Culion is known as “The Land of the Living Dead” because those people who have leper were relocated here. It was only in the year 2006 when the World Health Organization declared that Culion is leprosy-free. So when we went there last 2005, hindi pa siya leprosy-free. Waah! 

We don’t have a guide, we just do our own walking tour. We went to La Immaculada Church, Fort Culion, and Culion Museum. There is a museum guide at the Culion museum so we had an idea of Culion history. We did not stay long because we need to travel more or less two hours back to Coron Island.

Day 4 Back to Manila 

3 days were over, back to reality. When I went back to the office, my officemates were surprised, negra na ko pagbalik sa kakaisland hopping. 

I still dream to visit Coron again and I hope when we get back we can visit Mt. Tapyas View Deck, Banana and Malcapuya Island and Calauit Safari. I will definitely take more pictures, if you notice panget pa photos namin. Ito yung time na film pa gamit namin sa camera and tipid na tipid sa paggamit. Hehehe!

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  1. my husband has been dreaming of going there. Of course El Nido and Tubbataha pero takot akong sumakay ng maliit ng airplane. hehe I agree, mura talaga if ikaw magdadala ng gamit for snorkeling/diving.

    1. katakot nga pag maliit na airplane, 19 seater lang yata yun not sure kung ganun pa rin ngayon. =)

  2. gustong gusto namin ni hubby makapunta ng Coron! pero medyo nag-aalangan dahil nga prop plane lang..

    1. ok naman biyahe namin and sandali lang papuntang coron. =)

  3. Ang ganda talaga ng Palawan. Dream ko rin makapunta dito pero wala pang budget. LOL

    1. ito yung pinakamura ko na trip, mahal lang airfare kasi di pa uso promo nun. pero parang hindi na siya mura ngayon kasi P100 and P200 na entrance fee sa tourist spots, e dati mga wala naman fee yun, 2 places lang kami nagbayad. =(

  4. I've never been to Coron! Isa rin yan sa gusto ko mapuntahan. Inaaya nga ako ng pinsan ko kasi nakabili sya tiket kahapon sa cebu pacific 1k balikan papuntang Coron. E ayoko naman kasi july sya pupunta baka ulanin lang kami dun.

    1. mahirap magschedule nga ng rainy season, sobrang kaba ang inaabot ko. hehe!

  5. salamat dito michi. punta kami ng Coron ng Nov.(hehe tagal pa) Isama ko sa list to. =)

    1. sis, ito yata yung must pag first time sa coron. =) for sure you'll enjoy coron. madami pa ko namiss sa coron kaya for sure babalik ako.

  6. I never heard about the underwater theme park but yes, I am with you, please don't destroy Palawan, it's already a paradise on its own, it doesn't need any theme park, whatsoever (galit na ako,charot, hehe). Coron and El Nido are on Dane and I's bucket list. Mas gusto pa namin puntahan to kesa sa Bora. Haay, sana, sana talaga makapunta kami dito. :) PS: Bagets na bagets ka dito, sis. Pero this was 11 years ago na, di ka tumanda! bampira ka ba? :D

    1. True, tourist spot na Palawan, hindi na need ng resort or theme park pa. El Nido is still on our bucket list. :) Tumaba naman ako sis, sexy pa ako dito. Charot! :)

  7. Oh yes I am so with you on that! Palawan's waters are already wonderful the way they are - no need to ruin them with manmade structures, no thank you! I've never been to Palawan. We were planning to go this summer kaya lang my father, with his health condition, may not be able to handle it. Hopefully I can visit the place soon!