January 17, 2017

Sagada Bilza Lodge

Sagada is a town in Mountain Province, it is 5 to 6 hours travel from Baguio. Unlike in Baguio, there are no hotels in Sagada but there are inns, homestays or lodges. The accommodation offers basic things that you need like the bed and private or shared bathroom. 

My husband has been meaning to visit Sagada, he even reserved a room last 2015 for our anniversary but I told him to cancel it. I wanted to go to Sagada when I was still single but things changed when I got married. Before I have no idea about the zigzag road of Sagada but after few years of reading blogs, natakot na ko so we had glamping instead of Sagada Trip. 

Fast forward to 2016, my husband wanted to visit Sagada again and since he is the one who wanted to pursue the trip, I let him searched, booked and paid for our accommodation. I just told him that I want a private room with private bathroom. It was not easy to find an accommodation because we’re going there on holiday and 3 weeks before the trip pa lang siya naghahanap. 

He asked his officemates who already went there for recommendations and one of the suggestions is Sagada Bilza Lodge. His officemate stayed here way back December 2014 and according to him, bago pa lang daw yung lodge. 

My husband called, texted and messaged Sagada Bilza Lodge for reservation. Thank God that they still have an available room. He was advised to make a 50% downpayment to confirm the reservation. And because of that, I have no more reason to cancel the reservation, sayang ang bayad. 

Welcome to Sagada Bilza Lodge. As you can see in the photo, the lodge is under construction but we did not see any construction worker there, maybe because peak season, stop muna ang expansion. There are Ifugao Huts too, I wanted to experience this room too kaso separate ang bathroom. 

My husband went to the reception and he was ushered to room 205. Sharing with you the room. Sorry for the quality of the photos of the room, brownout kasi nung dumating kami. Ang saya-saya. Hehehe! 

They charged us P1300 per night, we’re 2 adults and 1 kid but I think the room is good for 4 persons since there is a pull-out bed. As I mentioned, the accommodation in Sagada is very simple, so we have a private room, private bathroom and small veranda. There are one blanket, one towel and four pillows. No free toiletries so bring your own. 

May ilaw na! :)
I did not bother to ask for extra blanket and towels because we brought our own stuff. We have toiletries, towels, blankets, pillows and even comforter. Yes, always ready.

The room package has no free breakfast but the Lodge has a restaurant so you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast meal is from P100 to 115. Coffee is P30, Hot Choco P25 and Milk P30. 

Sagada Bilza Lodge is far from the town proper but it is few minutes walk from Sumaguing Cave. If you don’t have your own transportation, I suggest you book any accommodations near the town proper. But if you have your own vehicle, you can stay in Sagada Bilza Lodge because it has its own parking area. We have a good view of pine trees too.

Sagada Bilza Lodge
Mampukong, South Road,


  1. Love Sagada and will always love its people. Love the cold climate as well as the warm reception of its locals. Of course, I will not forget its Hanging Coffin and the caves among other tourist spots. When we visited Sagada, we stayed at the St. Joseph Resthouse if I am not mistaken. Cant remember the name of the place anymore but it was pretty decent and very near the bus station heading to Baguio.

    1. St Joseph Resthouse has a good location, it is near the market, tourist center, restaurant, bus station and some tourist spots. We reserved a room there but they only have room for two persons. :)

  2. i watched a TV show about Sagada and you know, i wished i would pack my package and travel to this place right away.I guess you had a good time here.
    Love all shades of green here.