January 19, 2017

Day 2: Echo Valley Walking Tour and Sumaguing Cave

No matter how you plan your travel, there are things that you cannot control. You should learn how to accept, adjust and deal with it. There are so many things in Sagada that we did not expect but it happened. 

First thing is the weather, I was not expecting that it would rain in Sagada but unfortunately, it rained. So we were not able to witness the sunrise in Mt. Kiltepan

Second, when we woke up, we have no electricity except for the light that was run by the generator. According to the owner of the lodge, it is not always the case, may problem lang talaga. We cannot take a bath without hot water, ayaw namin mag-ice bucket challenge. 

We did not want to waste our time waiting for the electricity so we went to town proper. We’re just waiting in the car while eating our breakfast. We are hoping that the rain will stop so we can start our tour, but two hours had passed and we still can’t see the sun. So my husband bought raincoats for us so we can start our Echo Valley Walking Tour. Rain or shine, go sa walking tour. 

Echo Valley Walking Tour 

There are three types of Echo Valley Walking Tour and since we have a kid in tow, we chose the short hike which is Echo Valley Hanging Coffins

Guide fee is P200 + P10/person access fee

You can finish this tour in less than an hour because you will only visit the St Mary the Virgin Church, St Mary the Virgin Cemetery, Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins. I have very limited pictures on this tour because of the rain but you can check the Sagada Echo Valley Tour video here

We skipped the church and went straight to the Sagada Anglican cemetery. I was looking for William Henry Scott coffin but I was not able to locate it. I asked the guide but he was not aware of it. Well, William Henry Scott is a famous historian who was settled in Sagada in the year 1954 and was buried in this cemetery on October 10, 1993. 

Then we continued our journey to Echo Valley, remember the movie of “That Thing Called Tadhana”, so this is the valley where you can shout your feelings. I tried it, kaso nakakahiya din pala sumigaw pag madami tao. Hehehe!

We can already see the Hanging Coffin from where we stand but if you want to see the coffin up close and personal, be prepared in challenging and slippery walk. I don’t want to take the risk of going down with my son so we just stayed. My husband and the guide went down to see the coffins. This will be added to unique cemeteries that we have visited in the Philippines. 

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After the tour, we went to Salt & Pepper Diner for our early lunch but it took them so long to serve the food, so just in time for lunchtime na. Hehehe!

We went back to our lodge and finally, we can already take a bath. Taking a bath is a new luxury. hehehe!

Sumaguing Cave 

Aside from the Echo Valley Tour, the famous attraction here is Spelunking. We asked the guide if he thinks my 8-year-old son can do the cave tour and he said yes, “kaya naman daw”. I believed him but I don’t want to take the risk so again, babysitter na naman ang peg ko. Huhuhu!

Our lodge is just a few minutes away from the Sumaguing Cave so my husband just met the guide at the cave. You can also do the Cave Connection but my husband just chose the short course cave which is more or less two hours. 

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My husband brought waterproof bag, waterproof phone casing, lamp and bottle of water. Since I was not there, I will just share his pictures. Guide fee is P500.

Waah! I don't have pictures inside the cave. I'm pretty sure that we won't visit Sagada in the near future, I hope when we go back I can still do spelunking. Baka di na kaya ng powers ko, lol. #signsofaging. 

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  1. I read so many wonderful posts about Sagada, including yours and that gave me an idea on what to expect when we get there (if we ever get there, lol). Sa dami ng gusto naming puntahan, ewan ko lang kung papayagan ng oras at pera namin. haha. Love the view and the cave! Where did you get the babysitter? Buti pumayag si Ethan na maiwan.

    1. Ako yung babysitter. Hehehe! No choice kundi magpaiwan kaming dalawa. :)

  2. Sagada is one destination I dream of going to with my family. But I guess we'd have to wait until our baby is a bit older so that we can take advantage of all the great tourist spots there like these.

    1. Agree, the baby might not enjoy the long travel.

  3. When I was still single, I really love to go to Sagada. I used to hike and go places before I met hubby. Kaso di type ni hubby ang adventure so I stopped hiking hehehe. Anyway, I really wanted to try spelunking, it looks thrilling and full of adventures. Sa age ni Cloud, I won't risk to bring him there. Siguro pag binata na siya hehehe.

    1. Though I'm afraid of heights, I also joined hiking when I was in college. Too bad, I haven't experienced spelunking at ayaw ng anak ko. huhuhu! Naisip ko naman pagbinata baka ako naman ang hindi na makapagspelunking, hello Flanax. hehehe!

  4. Saan or kanino ka po nagbook ng tours?

    1. Punta lang po kayo sa Sagada tourist office, magregister at mamili ng tours na gusto niyo. Sila na magbibigay ng tour guide sa inyo.