January 18, 2017

Day 1 in Sagada

My husband has a family reunion in Pangasinan last December 27 so he decided to go to Sagada after the reunion. He booked December 28 onwards but he canceled it because he learned that there is number coding scheme in Baguio so we cannot travel on that day. 

And because of that, we were not able to experience the Sagada Bonfire Festival. We extended our stay in the province and had a day trip in Lingayen, Pangasinan

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The following day, we left before 5AM and had a quick breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio. We left immediately because travel time from Baguio to Sagada is 5 to 6 hours. My son and I took bonamine to avoid motion sickness, fastened our seat belt and prayed for our safe trip to Sagada. 

I’m afraid of heights, but it did not stop me from appreciating the beauty of the scenic views. All I can say is amazing, I’ve seen fog, rainbow, green mountains and rice terraces are everywhere. I did my best to take some videos and photos on our way to Sagada, just in case you are wondering if it is safe to drive or to bring your own car in Sagada. Check the video of Hanselma Highway here.

We saw the Highest Point landmark in Atok but we could not park. (insert sad face) We continued our journey, then we saw Amgaleyguey View Deck, can you see the roads? We’re traveling at the side of the Cordillera Mountain Range, bangin kung bangin. 

After several hours of driving, I felt relieved when I saw the Sagada Town Proper, finally we reached our destination. But we have no idea that our lodge is far from the town proper, as in ang layo niya and the road is under construction pa. Good luck sa kotse! 

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We just left our baggage and off we went to the town proper. We registered at Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center, paid P35 each for environmental fee. Always bring your receipt or take a photo of it because they will check that in every tourist spot that you will visit.

It was already late so we did not book any tour but we asked the lady in the tourist center for orange picking activity but she said, ubos na daw ang orange since Monday (December 26). Waah! 

We ate late lunch at Masferre Country Inn & Restaurant. We liked the food here, sayang lang we were not able to taste their desserts. When we went back last December 31, they were closed during lunch time. They were busy preparing for New Year’s Eve Buffet.

I did not have itinerary or map when we went to Sagada and I asked for brochures or map but they did not have any. Lesson learned, be prepared and print a map. 

Sagada Parking Area

Sagada Hospital
We visited St Mary Virgin Church, we parked our car here for P50. We did not stay long because we wanted to rest na.

Day 2 Echo Valley Walking Tour and Sumaguing Cave

Day 3 Sagada Pottery and Lake Danum
Day 4 Goodbye Sagada
Sagada Bilza Lodge
Where to Eat in Sagada


  1. Still so many places in Sagada we havent visited yet. We concentrated on the Hanging Coffin and the Caves. This gives me more reasons to visit Sagada and again enjoy its cold climate, warm people, and beautiful scenery.

    1. Yes so many places to visit, we haven't visited the falls because my son won't enjoy the long trek. I enjoyed the cold climate too, parang wala sa Pinas. :)

  2. Hi Michi,

    My family and I am planning to go to Sagada this February. Would like to ask if kaya ng sedan yung mga roads paakyat and within Sagada? Saw in your post that you bring your own car. Most blogs kasi recommend to take van/bus or hire a local driver but gusto ko sana magdrive para mas enjoy and control namin yung time. Thanks in advance :) - Allen

    1. Hi Allen, yes, we used sedan car too and kinaya naman yung biyahe. Zigzag road talaga siya for 5-6hrs and may mga steep na daan. Be safe na lang sa pagdrive. :)