January 13, 2017

Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins

We used to go to Baguio when I was in college but things changed when I moved to Southern Luzon. Now we prefer going to Tagaytay if we want to experience cold weather.  It’s been five years since our last visit in Baguio. It was just a quick trip but we were able to visit most of the tourist spots within 24 hours.

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Last month, we were supposed to spend one day in Baguio but my husband learned that there is number coding scheme in Baguio so we extend our holiday in Pangasinan and revisited Lingayen Pangasinan. Waah! Natapat pa talaga sa coding. 

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So Last December 29, off we went to Baguio. We just ate breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of reviews about this restaurant but I haven’t tried it yet. My husband was surprised when he learned na hindi pa ko nakakain dito so he decided that we will eat breakfast in Cafe by the Ruins before going to Sagada

The parking was limited and good thing that we’re still early so we were able to park. The entrance was not appealing but when I entered the restaurant I was surprised, maganda pala sa loob. Indeed, it is Baguio's best-loved restaurant because it is unique when it comes to interior and menu. 

The menu was already on the table so we browsed it immediately. 

My son ordered Pan de Sal P85+. A traditional Filipino bread with a choice of regular, whole wheat or malunggay variations + a choice of cheese, jam or butter for spread. We were shocked when we saw the pandesal, it was enormous, malaki pa sa kamao ko so my son was not able to finish even one piece of it.

I ordered Bacon and Egg P340+ so I can share it with my son. The meal includes thick slices of home-cured bacon, one egg and your choice of garlic rice or pandesal. I have no idea that they will served red rice, Waah! I requested for white rice but they don’t have any so I have no choice but to eat it. It is not bad naman but I prefer white rice lang talaga.

My husband ordered Mt Data Tapa Rice P340+. The meal includes cured beef tapa, tomatoes and onions with scrambled egg. I liked his order. hehehe!

All breakfast meals have free coffee or tea and a cup of fresh fruits so it is already a complete meal. My husband suggested that I should try the hot chocolate because it is good so we upgraded my drinks to hot chocolate for additional fee. He also requested for strawberry and mango fruit shake which we liked it too. I’m not sure if it is included in our breakfast meal. 

The breakfast meal is not cheap but I think the price is already reasonable because you have fruits, drinks and main course. The serving is big too and if you don’t eat that much you can really share the food with your kids, just order extra rice or bread.

Now I know why I haven’t tried this restaurant before. Mahal pala siya and last trip namin sa mga mura lang kami kumain. Hehehe! But if you have extra budget, don’t forget to drop by in this restaurant if you will visit Baguio. 

From the menu

... Its menu changed quarterly according to the seasons, represents not only a restaurant concept but an ethos. The food reflects the ecology and rhythm of Baguio and Cordilleras. It is fresh, representing the best of the day's market; it is home-cooked and reflects the vision of native tradition and of health. 

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Update: July 21 2017

I just heard the news, closed na pala ito. I'm not sure yet kung lilipat lang ng place. Let me know. 


  1. I love Cafe by the Ruins. Maybe because I like its interiors. I also love how they serve the food and the presentation. I also got to try eating there once and I ordered what I was told as their bestseller. It was a paid work so no regrets on the cost. Ihihi. They also have big servings. If I remember correctly, they serve the famous camote bread ata. It was 2013 pa kasi so I cant remember na rin.

    1. True, nice interiors and food presentation. The perks of having a business trip is you can try good restaurants. :)

  2. It does look expensive for breakfast and for the trype of food, but for experience and ambience, maybeit's worth a try. :)

    1. Yes, expensive but it is worth a visit if you have extra budget.

  3. Nyay! Mejo mahal nga sya! Sakit sa mata. haha. Pero I can't deny that it really looks tasty naman din! We may or may not go here, depende sa budget namin pag nakabalik kami ng Baguio, lol, considering kuripot ako. So, we will see! haha. Now I'm thinking when we can go back to either Baguio or Tagaytay kaya. Sigurado pag uwi ni Dane.

    1. Hehehe! Nagulat din ako nung nakita ko menu, one meal = 3 breakfast meals sa fastfood. You can try it for experience since they serve good food naman. :)