May 11, 2018

Breathtaking Gullfoss in Iceland

Our country is blessed with wonderful nature, we have so many beautiful beaches, hot spring, cold spring, and even waterfalls. So far, I have visited 6 waterfalls in the Philippines and there are more waterfalls to visit. It is nice to visit waterfalls especially now, it is so hot in the Philippines.

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Last year, we were fortunate to visit another falls in Iceland. The first waterfall is located in Thingvellir National Park, tuwang-tuwa na ko dun when I saw that waterfall but little did I know na may maganda pa pala dun. As I mentioned in one of my posts, we visited Gullfoss which is part of the Golden Circle Tour. It is located in the canyon of Hvita river.

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Gullfoss means Golden Falls, it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Iceland but honestly, I have no idea about this falls. All I know it is part of the Golden Circle Tour but little did I know that this will be the highlight of our tour.

Tourist started to visit Gullfoss around 1875, at that time the waterfall was hard to reach because of the rough terrain and impassable rivers. Sigridur Tomasdottir and her sisters acted as guides for the visitors and built the first trail that led down to the waterfall. Sigridur died in 1957 and the stone memorial that you can see in the Golden Falls was erected in 1979.

Thanks to them because now, it is easy to reach the waterfalls. From parking, we need to walk to the falls and there is a pathway so you won’t be lost. While walking, you can already hear the sound of the waterfall so in my mind malapit na. But the truth is, malayo pa pala and the reason why I can hear the sound is ang laki pala niya.

I can already see the waterfalls from the stairs and it leave me breathless. It was my dream to visit Niagara Falls but when I saw Gullfoss, napalitan bigla. In my opinion, this is more beautiful. I will run out of adjectives describing the Gullfoss, it is breathtaking, wonderful, amazing, spectacular, magnificent, stunning and astounding waterfall.

I will post here what I’ve read in their Tourist Information Board.
Gullfoss is Like No Other 
No waterfall in Europe can match Gullfoss. In wildness and fury it outdoes the Niagra Falls of the United States. Thousands of unharnessed horsepowers flow continuously into the gorge, year in and year out.  
Gullfoss is a unique natural phenomenon that triggers varying impressions in people. Its conservation, and thereby its existence in its present form, has a unique history.  
Gullfoss and the surrounding area were made a nature reserve in 1979 to give people the best possible opportunity to enjoy this unique natural scene. The area’s ecosystem is also protected and its vegetation remains untouched. Attempts are made to minimize man’s footprints to keep man-made structures to a minimum and not to disturb the land and geological formations. 
Even we’re all tired, tanggal pagod namin when we saw the waterfall. I am afraid of heights but it does not stop me from walking, ingat na ingat nga lang kasi one mistake ko, mamatay ako pag nalaglag ko sa falls. hehehe! While walking, you might get wet because of the waterfalls, sa lakas ng buhos niya there are floating water droplets everywhere. Kaya pati camera ko nababasa at nagmoist. Hehehe!

Watch the video here.

According to Wikipedia, the wide river moves southward which is about one kilometer above the waterfalls, it flows down into a three-step staircase and plunges in two stages. 140 cubic meters per second (summer) and 80 cubic meters per second (winter) is the average amount of water running down the waterfalls.

Indeed this is the highlight of our trip and would you believe that this is FREE. Yes, just like the other tourist spots that we have visited, there is no entrance fee for this attraction.

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  1. Wow, Niagara Falls is in my bucket list too. I have always dreamt of seeing it first hand, but from your post I think Gullfoss looks really more spectacular and just bumped off my Niagara dream. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love waterfalls! I'm sure maa-amaze din ako pag nakita ko yan. Sa pictures pa Lang ang ganda na. What more in real life, diba?

    1. True, mas maganda talaga in real life. Kung hindi lang siguro gloomy ang weather, mas maganda pa ang pictures.

  3. What a beautiful nature. God is powerful His works truly amazing..Me and my hubby we love water falls. Pero itong water falls ba na ito pwede maliguan? Heheh curious lang ako.

    1. I guess not, sobrang lakas ng agos ng tubig baka saan ka pulutin pag naligo. hehehe!