May 03, 2018

Where to Buy Travel Insurance Online for your Asian Adventure

A lot of people I knew, do not buy travel insurance whenever they book a flight or travel. I am one of those people who feels that travel insurance is just an additional travel expense. But after experiencing some travel disasters in the past such as delayed flights, canceled flights, damaged luggage and lost luggage, I realized that we need to buy travel insurance for our future travels. 

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Last year was the very first time that I bought a travel medical insurance, it is one of the mandatory requirement if you apply for Schengen Visa so I have no choice. Fortunately, you can buy travel insurance online so less stress.

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A few weeks ago, we booked for a plane ticket and I was contemplating whether I will buy a travel insurance or not. I checked the rates of Philippine Airlines and I saw $16 if I will add it to my plane ticket. Then I remembered the travel medical insurance that I bought last year at Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. So I checked their rates and it is cheaper than PAL Travel Insurance so I asked my husband if I will buy it and he agreed. Since I can buy travel insurance online, I just bought it two days before our flight. 

How to Buy Malayan Travel Insurance Online 

1. Go to this link. You can read the Travel Insurance Coverage before buying. 
2. Enter Travel Details 

A. Travel Destinations: Choose travel type and destinations 

1. Travel Local 
2. Travel Asian 
3. Travel Worldwide 

* This time I booked a Travel Asian Destination 

B. Travel Duration 

Rates depend on the number of days that you need. Since we will travel for 6 days, I chose 8 days for P675. 

4 days P375 
8 days P675 
15 days P975 
24 days P1375 
31 days P1675 
45 days P2075 
60 days P2575 
90 days P4075 

* Travel duration must cover the date of departure to date of arrival. Travel Master rates are inclusive of taxes and charges and are compliant with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN). 

C. Purpose of Travel 

1. Leisure 
2. Business 
3. Others 

D. Date of Departure 

3. Choose your Travel Insurance Package 

1. Individual  
2. Group (2 or more) 
3. Family (group of 4 only) 

* I choose group insurance. 

4. Enter Personal Information

* Travel insurance online can only process for individuals 18 to 70 yrs old. 

5. Check “I acknowledge and agree to the data sharing declaration above” and click submit 
6. Register for first timer or login for those who have an existing account. 
7. Pay the travel insurance, if successful you will see this note 

“Payment Success” 

Thank you for your purchase. A copy of your Confirmation of Cover will be sent to your registered e-mail address. You may also request a copy at (632) 628-8628 or email us at Please retain copies for your records. 

8. Check email, download and print your travel insurance. 

That’s it, you can now have peace of mind, you’ve got travel insurance for your vacation. Let me know if there are other affordable and good travel insurance that you know. 

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  1. It's good to know that it's more convenient and faster now to buy travel insurance. I used to arrange travel insurance for my former boss and we usually had to call them pa.

    1. Yes, buti na lang pwede na online na lang.

  2. Wow, super thank you for this. We're gearing for our first travel out of the country in a few months' time and this is very useful information for me.

  3. This post is very timely as I need to get a travel insurance for my daughter. I did check with another company but they didn't answer my queries. Very helpful!