February 19, 2019

4 Must-Have Item for your Adventurous Pet

If you love adventure and you love bringing your pet in your hiking, camping or any travel adventures, don't forget to bring their own travel essentials. Yes, our four-legged friend has their own needs and these are some must-have items for your adventurous pet.

1. Leash 

A leash is very important when going on an outdoor adventure with your pet. This is because the leash enables you to always be in control so that the pet will not run off and not come back. It is especially necessary with dogs since they are more susceptible to run off in the woods when they spot squirrels or hares. The leash is also helpful if you are going to do some trail running or cycling since you can do those two exercises with your dog. In addition to the leash, it is essential that you get a collar on your pet with the pet's name and your contact information in case you get separated.

2. First aid kit 

When going outdoors with your pet, it is very important to have a first aid kit close since the animals are an adventurous lot and they may get into situations that may cause them bodily harm. The first aid kit should have these items; gauze, antiseptic cleaner, styptic swabs, heavy-duty bandages, tweezers to remove ticks or thorns, antihistamine in case of snake bites, liquid bandage in case of split paw pads and an antibiotic ointment. Other medical items can also be included in the first aid kit depending on the location of the adventure as well as in case of serious injury. Also, remember to carry gloves for you to use while treating the animal. In addition to the first aid box, you can also buy a heat stroke prevention kit in case you are traveling to a really hot location or a warmer in case you are going to a cold region.

3. Sleeping equipment 

When out on an adventure with your pet, it is more likely than not that you will be spending some time out in nature and you will be sleeping in tents or similar outdoor structures. It may be interesting to sleep with your pet in your bed but most often or not it may be uncomfortable sharing that space because you may have been out in the sun for long and both you and the animal may not be clean. Having to sleep in the resulting odor may be difficult therefore it is wise to invest in some sleeping equipment for your pet. Consider buying a small sleeping pad for them to sleep in as well as a blanket. You can also buy a pet-sized Hurtta sleeping bag instead or even a wool, feather or fleece blanket.

4. Utensils

Your pet will need additional equipment when you are out for your adventure. Some of these are utensils like a bowl for serving food in and a water bottle for carrying clean, pathogen-free water. Carrying your own utensils will ensure that the pet will consume clean safe food and water that you serve them rather than any scraps they may scavenge on your trip. Monitoring what they eat and drink will ensure that you can keep them from contracting any food or water-based illnesses. Other things you can carry for your pet include clean towels to dry them off after you clean them or if they happen to wander off and get into water bodies.

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