February 10, 2019

School Field Trip 2019

Since last year my son kept on telling me that he will join his Field Trip on February and I kept on persuading him not to join his field trip because his daddy will have a business trip on that month. Mahirap magcommute ng madaling araw at gabi and we can visit those places naman kahit hindi field trip.

Then last month, the school gave the Field Trip form and when I read the itinerary, I still convinced my son not to join because I find the fee expensive, PHP1790. Ang mahal para sa Kidzania at National Museum, free lang naman yung ibang place. I even told him, yung P1790 na yun sobra pa sa Kidzania namin dalawa and whole day pa kami pwede magstay.

Kidzania Manila 
National Museum of National History 
McKinley Grand Canal - Walking Tour 
Shrine of Jesus WTL (again)

But he really wanted to join and my husband wants my son to join too so ako lang naman talaga ang kontrabida sa buhay nila. My husband always tells me, iba ang lakad with classmates at iba ang lakad with family. Good thing that my husband is available on that day so hindi ko na problema maghatid at sundo. So I paid the Field Trip fee bago pa magbago isip ko. Hehehe!

P.S. As of this school year, the chaperone is allowed na if grade 1 to 3 ang bata. Grrr! I’ve been waiting for them to change this policy, ngayon pa talaga binago. Grade 4 na anak ko so hindi ko pwede sumama. Hayz…

Fast forward to his field trip…

Me: Ethan, don’t forget your passport ha.
Ethan: How about my credit card?
Me: ATM lang yun.
Hubby: Bakit may passport pa at card, san punta niyan?
Me and Ethan: Kidzania.

Yes, may passport at ATM sa Kidzania. May driving license pa nga. Hehehe! I allowed my son to bring his smartphone in one condition “Take Photos”. While my husband and I were busy at PTAA Travel Tour Expo, my son sent one group photo at Shrine Of Jesus WTL so I felt happy at naalala ang bilin ko. So in my mind, this time marami na pictures anak ko sa Field Trip compared last year.

But I was wrong, after the field trip he showed me his phone gallery and guess what? Yung group photo lang ang may mukha niya. Puro painting sa National Museum. Waah! Nakalimutan na niya ang lahat ng bilin ko when they went to Kidzania Manila. So for the very first time, wala na siya tagakuha ng photos and videos. They stayed here from 1PM to 5PM and he was able to do 6 activities; Bank, Pit Crew Training Center, Cleaning Energy Center, Century Tuna Marine Research Lab, Driving, and Newswriter.  Check our Kidzania experience here.

Anyway, since Mckinley Grand Canal Tour is part of their itinerary. We decided to pick up our son at Venice Grand Canal Mall. So after our travel expo trip, we went straight to Venice. It was my first time there, so maganda naman pala. I remembered our trip in Venetian Hotel in Macau. There is a gondola ride but it is too expensive for my budget, P400 per person. Waah! Okay na ko sa tingin na lang, hehehe!

There are so many restaurants in Venice Grand Canal Mall and I saw the Isla Sugbu Seafood City and we’re supposed to eat here kaso sa pagod namin, gusto na namin umuwi agad. Maybe next time I can finally try this paluto all you can.

Grade 3 Field Trip
Grade 2 Field Trip
Kinder Field Trip
Pre-Kinder Field Trip 
 Alice in Wonderland
 Gardenia Plant Tour
 Manila Ocean Park 

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