February 28, 2019

Breakfast at Seattle’s Best

I went to Healthway Clinic last week for my 2 ultrasound but the staff informed me that I need fasting for the second ultrasound so I have no choice but to go back. I scheduled the ultrasound after four days because I need to attend my lola’s wake and internment. The staff gave me instructions.

1. Light fat-free evening meal the night before examination.
2. Nothing by mouth after midnight (food, drinks or even candy). No smoking. Avoid eating for 8-12 hours before the test.
3. Omit breakfast. If there is one thing that I dislike in laboratory test is fasting, I can’t eat and I can’t drink tapos yung waiting time pa sa clinic, nakakahina.

We were there past 7AM and since I’m not the only patient, I have to wait for my turn. It was almost 9AM when they advised me that I can eat and drink na. I need to go back pag naiihi na daw ako.

It was only 9AM so majority of the restaurants were still closed. We went to Starbucks but choices were very limited so my husband suggested Seattle’s Best. I’m not fond of coffee shops so it was my first time there. My husband ordered Latte P135, Hot Choco P140 and Big Breakfast 2 P250.

Finally, after fasting, it is time to feast. The Big Breakfast plate includes egg, cocktail sausages, bacon strips, pancakes and wheat bread. I enjoyed my hot choco and breakfast plate, the serving is huge so I asked my husband to finish my leftover pancake. Hehehe!

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