February 13, 2019

DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids

Last Monday, I’ve read my son’s assignment notebook and he needs to bring chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day. We have chocolates in the fridge but that was our pasalubong from the USA so ayaw ko i-giveaway. Hehehe! So yesterday I just went to the nearest convenience store and bought a pack of chocolate. Of course, I bought our favorite local chocolate which is Flat Tops.

There is no note what they are going to do with those chocolates or flowers but since it is Valentine’s Day, I think they are going to give it away just like last Christmas holiday. They sing Christmas carols and give candies. So since I was in the mood to do some craft, I decided to make DIY Valentine’s Gift Bag.

Just in time, Designer Blog sent me FREE Valentine Printables so I immediately downloaded the Valentine Bag Topper. I bought a Blog Template from their site before and from time to time, I received freebies. Anyway, you can do this project in less than 30 minutes.

Printable Valentine’s Bag Toppers
Small clear plastic or ziplock bag
Chocolates or candies
Stapler Scissors

1. Download, print and cut the Valentine Bag Topper.
2. Divide the chocolates and fill the clear plastic bag. I bought the ziplock bag at Daiso Japan.

3. Fold the Valentine Bag Topper

4. Put the bag topper on top of the ziplock and staple it. Don’t forget to write the name at the back of the bag topper.

That’s it! A simple Valentine gift idea that you can give to your kid’s friends, classmates or teachers.

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