February 05, 2021

Great Earth California Blend Frozen Mixed Vegetables Recipe

I am not fond of eating vegetables so diet is not really for me. In our home, I only cook vegetable dishes once a week because I don’t like storing a lot of vegetables tapos masisira lang. Second, vegetables are easy to cook but the preparation is taking much of my time. Nakakapagod maghiwa lalo na kapag chopsuey at pinakbet ang ulam. Hehehe! 

Hindi rin lahat ng nasa Bahay Kubo song kinakain ko so mabibilang lang na vegetables dishes ang niluluto ko. If my husband wants to eat more veggies, yung tipong nagdadiet siya, siya na bahala magprepare ng salad niya. Sa samgyeopsal lang ako kumakain ng lettuce. Hehehe! 

Last December, I saw this Great Earth California Blend Frozen Vegetables at Landers. Most of the time, corn + carrots + peas ang nakikita ko na frozen vegetables so when I saw carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower, napabili ko. It is only P164.75 for 2lbs so feeling ko mura na kasi ang mahal kaya ng broccoli.

I planned to pair this with our Lechon Belly de Cebu pero hindi natuloy so last month I cooked this. It just so happened that we have leftover beef bulgogi after namin magsamgyeopsal so para hindi kami maumay at puro meat na kami, may sidedish kami na vegetables.  

I just followed the cooking instructions at the back of the packaging 

1. Heat 2 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp butter on high.
2. Add frozen vegetables to the hot pan. 
3. Stir frequently, add separate carrot clusters, adjust heat, as needed to reduce browning. 
4. Cook for 10 minutes (2 lbs) 

The taste of the vegetables is bland so I seasoned it with salt and pepper. Maybe next time, I will add chicken powder or cubes. For a family of 3, 2 lbs is a big serving so after I cooked it, I divided it into 3 portions. May sidedish kami ng ilang kainan. Hehehe! I will buy this again on my next visit.

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