February 25, 2021

Great Earth Frozen Strawberries

Growing up, I like strawberry jam but I dislike eating fresh strawberries, in my mind “ang mahal-mahal pero ang asim naman” hehehe! Buying fresh strawberries is a hit and miss, sometimes it is sweet and most of the time, it is bland or sour. So I rarely buy this in the grocery or market so when I saw this Great Earth Frozen Strawberry at Landers, napabili na ko. 

One pack is 2lbs for PHP184.75, it is perfect for juicing, syrup processing, and cereal mix. I bought this last December but it was only last week when we tried it. This is the last Great Earth product na nabili ko, you can check my review of Great Earth California Blend and Great Earth Potato Wedges. The pack has instructions too but I did not follow them. 

Great Earth Frozen Strawberry Preparations 

1. In a blender, combine soy milk, oats, banana, and strawberries 
2. Add vanilla and sugar if desired. 
3. Blend until smooth 
4. Pour into glasses and serve. 

The truth is, I have a can of evaporation milk that is nearly expiring so we use it. We just put the frozen strawberry, milk, sugar in the blender. The strawberry shake was too thick so we add some ice cubes and blend them again. My husband and I like the strawberry smoothie that we made. My son did not taste it because he is not fond of strawberries. 

Freezing strawberry is a great way to store your berries especially if you purchased a lot. This is what we do if we have fresh strawberries at home (minsan lang naman). Most of the time, kapag nagpunta lang kami ng Baguio, napapabili kami ng strawberry. One of my bucket list nga is picking strawberries at Strawberry Farm kaso hindi naman harvest season tuwing visit namin. 

Every time we visit Norway, my mom usually buys fresh strawberries so she freeze some strawberries and we will make Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. One of my favorite snacks in Norway is fresh strawberries + sugar + Tine Kremfløte, I really love this cream kung pwede nga lang mag-uwi sa Pilipinas. 

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