June 02, 2022

Mother’s Day Celebration in Norway

Time passes quickly and today is already second day of June so bago pa magFather’s Day, let me share our Mother’s Day Celebration in Norway last month. Mother’s Day is a yearly tradition worldwide, but unfortunately, May is not a Mother’s Day here in Norway. They celebrate it every second Sunday of February since 1919. Just like in other countries, they give cards, cakes, pastries, flowers, or handmade crafts. Children surprise their mom with frokost på sengen or breakfast in bed

I think Norway is the only country that celebrates Mother’s Day or Morsdag every February. And because of that, I was not able to celebrate Mother’s Day last May 2017 and May 2019. Well, it is not a big deal if I don’t have any celebration because I already accepted the fact that I won’t have my Mother’s celebration every time I’m here in Norway. 

Moving on, last February, I made this Heart with Mama and Happy Mother’s Day Cake Topper; I just gave it to my mom when we arrived here in Norway last March. Nagamit naman sa ice cream. :)

Fast forward to last month, my mom gifted me this “Jesus Calling for Moms” book by Sarah Young. 

We also went to Melissa restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. There are only a few restaurants in Ørland and one of their go-to restaurants is Melissa. I already tried this restaurant five years ago so I already have an idea of what to order. But still, I checked their online menu and they have an English menu too. 

It was past 12NN so the restaurant is not crowded because it is too early for their middag (dinner). Pero hindi ako sanay sa late na kain so I still follow the 11 to 12NN lunch in the Philippines. Gutom na ko kapag ganyan oras. hehehe! They served the softdrinks first, it is 45NOK per glass.

I ordered Black & White; a combination of beef and pork fillet with bearnaise sauce, pepper sauce, creamed potatoes, and vegetables for 335NOK

My mom ordered Crispy Fried Chicken with salad and chips 195NOK

My son ordered from the children’s menu, he ordered the same thing which is Mini Steak 175NOK, it has steak with bearnaise sauce, salad, and chips.  

As usual, they have big servings so it is hard to finish the food so we just took our time eating. Good thing that the food is good or else nakakahinayang sa presyo. If I will convert the price kasi nung order ko sa PHP, para na akong nagbuffet sa hotel. Waah! But it was Mother’s Day and my mom’s treat so happy tummy. 

Note: They have English Menu in the restaurant too, just request it. The staff will take your order but for payment, you need to go to the counter. 

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