November 20, 2017

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Our Lady of Lourdes Church or Salasa Church (Pangasinan) is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was built under Father Francisco Barroso in the year 1747-1748. It was renovated and repaired during 1874 and 1885 under Father Juan Terres. This church was able to survive typhoons, floods, and erosion. There are so many plans to move this church to a different location but it never happened because of divine intervention.

This was not my first time to visit this church, I’ve visited this church several times. We attended a wedding, funeral or Sunday Mass. My husband’s family is a Catholic so they attended mass here. A few weeks ago, after going to the cemetery my in-laws decided to drop by here.

We noticed a lot of improvements in the church, ang ganda na ng loob and they also have a Station of the Cross na beside the church.

November 17, 2017

Christmas Sale at Landmark

Ever since the opening of Landmark at Festival Mall, we’ve been going to Alabang every month. Yes, I do my grocery in Landmark because I find their prices cheaper compared to the nearest supermarket in our place. Malaki rin difference so maramihan bili na lang para sulit. They have free parking (basement) din for 3 hours, just don’t forget to validate your receipt before going out. You can check my review here.

Anyway, my husband has no work for the last few days because of the ASEAN Summit so I took advantage of it. Nagpalabtest ako, naggrocery and Christmas shopping na rin. Hence, I have no blogpost but I’m glad because I already finish my Christmas gift list for my family and in-laws. Oh di ba, ang aga ko natapos di ba. All I need to do is wrap them and deliver.

My son has classes so while he was still in school, my husband and I went to Landmark. I have no idea that they have a sale from Nov. 14 to 19, 2017 up to 50% off. I was buying gifts or stuff for our house, I bought few pieces na naka 20% off, so they gave me a paper. At the cashier, I noticed that the cashier is giving 10% discount, so I asked her kung lahat ba may discount? Yes daw, halos lahat ng regular items nila meron. Sayang lang yung ibang gift and Christmas lights ko wala 10% off, but I’m happy because 75% ng nabili ko were discounted. Laking tipid!

So if you are planning to shop, check the Landmark Sale, till November 19, na lang.

November 16, 2017

Glimpse of Thai Royal Silk Lounge at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Our first airport lounge experience started last year only, we always fly economy class ticket so we always wait at the boarding gate. But there are different ways where you can access airport lounges for free or for a fee. I will share that next time. Personally, I only experienced two airport lounges, Mabuhay Lounge in Cebu International Airport and Miascor Lounge at NAIA 1

But my husband experienced several airport lounges already because of his business trip. As of now, this is the 10th airport lounge that I have shared on this blog. My husband was in Malaysia and Thailand last week, so from Malaysia, he took Thai Airways airline. Though we have Royal Orchid Plus card, his points are not enough to get a free airport lounge. But thanks to his boss, +1 ulit siya. Yey! 

Note: You can have FREE access to THAI Royal Silk Lounge, if you flying first class or business class, if you are a premium customer of one of the 18 Star Alliance member airlines or as an elite member of their frequent flyer program 

This is the Thai Royal Silk Lounge at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, if you’ve read my previous airport lounge post, you will also notice that this lounge is bigger compared to Silver Kris Lounge.  According to my husband, the lounge is big, organized and nice. 

If you stay in an airport lounge, you can eat and drink for free, there are newspaper and magazines that you can read, you can watch TV or you can work or browse the internet using the free wifi or internet terminals. 

There are a variety of hot foods and a good selection of hot and cold drinks. The foods taste good. Yehey, for complimentary because airport foods and drinks are expensive. 

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November 10, 2017

Day Trip at Masamirey Cove

Masamirey Cove is one of the new resort in Sual, Pangasinan. I learned about this resort a few months ago. My husband is from Pangasinan so I immediately bookmarked this resort because I know that there is a possibility that we can visit this resort one day. 

So when my husband decided to visit his hometown last week, I suggested this resort to him. I mentioned in my previous post that whenever we visit his province, nabobored ang anak ko. Wala kasi wifi or cable so he has nothing to do, lalo na kung siya lang ang bata sa bahay. Unless it is a reunion, may makakalaro siya. 

Anyway, my husband agreed with me so I messaged Masamirey Cove through their Facebook page, after few hours, still no reply. I texted their number and still no reply. So I told my husband to call the resort instead so he was able to reserve. The resort is already fully booked so we had day trip instead.

Travel time is more or less 6 hours from our place, we picked up our in-laws in Laguna and off we went to Pangasinan to pick-up my grandmother-in-law and then we went straight to Masamirey Cove. We reached the resort at 10:40AM, inabot kami ng more than 7 hours sa dami ng stopover. Hehehe! 

I did not see any map or directions on their website, so we just relied on Waze and luckily, we did not get lost. On our way to the resort, we saw this Sual Power Plant. This is where my husband had a field trip during his last year in college so when I saw this, alam ko ng nasa Sual kami. 

Finally, we reached our destination. I thought that the resort is big but I was wrong, maliit lang siya as in isang straight lang siya from parking, rooms, restaurant, pool, cabana and beach. Limited din ang rooms kaya mabilis mafully booked. 

Day trip package is from 8AM to 10PM but at that time, they have Halloween event so day trip is up to 5PM only. After paying, the staff ushered us to our Cabana. 

Since there are so many guests, we decided to order for our lunch ahead of time. The meal is good for 2 to 3 persons and affordable naman. I forgot to take a picture of the menu but the food we ate, wala pa P1k. You can bring your own food but there is a corkage fee of P150 per head. Drinks and snacks have no corkage fee so we brought our own drinks, chip, and cookies. 

After eating, my husband and son started to swim in the pool and play on the beach. For day trippers, there is bathroom beside the pool. 

We did not stay long because we need to buy food for our dinner pa. We wanted to rest na rin kasi naman 2AM gising na kami. Good thing that we just had day trip because this resort is just an hour away from my grandmother-in-law’s house so nakatipid pa kami. Hehehe! 

We enjoyed our short trip in Masamirey Cove. I just hope they will improve their service especially in answering messages kasi nakakaturn-off talaga yung hindi sumasagot. So I was really surprised when we got there. Okay naman pala service nila sa resort. They are friendly, approachable and helpful naman during our stay. 

Note: Mahina signal dun so mahirap makaconnect. Cash only, so don’t forget to bring cash. 

Watch Masamirey Cove video here

Masamirey Cove Rates 

Master Bedroom P4800 for 2 persons with breakfast 
Double Bedroom P6500 for 4 persons with breakfast 
Day Trip - P385 adult P280 kid 8AM to 10PM 
Beach Cabana P500 

Note: Extra person charge is P1000 per head with breakfast
Kids age 3 and below are FREE of charge. 
4 to 10 yrs old with fee 
Check-in is 2PM and Check-out is 12NN 
Proper swimwear is required
No pets allowed

Masamirey Cove Activities 

Hundred Islands Tour (9AM to 2PM) 
P1800 maximum of 5 persons 
P2500 maximum of 10 persons

Sual Boat Tours (anytime)
Visit to Power Plant, Fish Cage, Cabalitian Island and Floating Rocks 
P1800 maximum of 5 persons 
P2500 maximum of 10 persons 

Spa Massage - P350 for 1 hour 
Kayaking - P400 1 hour, P700 2 hours, P1000 3 hours
Free of Charge - Dart and board pins, beach volleyball, frisbee 

Masamirey Cove 
Sual, Pangasinan 

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November 07, 2017

Althea Korea Head to Toe Box Review

Two months ago, I finally purchased my first order at Althea Korea site. Althea Korea has celebrated its two years anniversary but I just recently tried it. As usual, when it comes to online shopping, I’m always late to try. Read my first shopping experience here.

I ordered Althea Korea Head to Toe Box, the price is P4902 but I got it for P1487, that is 69% off. The box includes products that you can use from head to toe such as shampoo, hair treatment, scalp cooling hair pack, eyeshadow, body scrub, underarm scrub, vitamin C essence and foot peeling pack.

Most of the products have no English Instructions but you can check their site for directions or just read below.

1. Mise-En-Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo and Treatment 

Trade frizz and dryness in for silky sleekness with this duo that’s infused with a perfecting 7x oil blend and microproteins.

How to use Mise-En-Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo

1. Dampen the hair, then lather with the shampoo and massage before rinsing off.

I like the smell of this shampoo, the smell really lasts longer. It makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny even without using conditioner. I’m not fond of using separate conditioner so I prefer shampoo with conditioner or just shampoo.

How to use Mise-En-Scene Treatment 

1. After shampoo, take dime-sized amount of the treatment.
2.Apply to the ends of your hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
- you can use hair cap to seal in the treatment. Leave in for half an hour and rinse.
- for intensive treatment, wrap the hair around with hot towel for the treatment to absorb better. Leave for few minutes and rinse.

I only used this once a week

2. Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack 

It contains peppermint leaves and olive concentration. It nourishes the scalp and makes the hair healthy and refreshed.

How to use Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack 

1. After shampoo, dispense quarter-sized amount onto your palm.
2. Apply on the scalp with your fingertips and massage thoroughly.
3. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes or depending on the condition of the scalp.
4. Then Wash with lukewarm water.

It’s been years since the last time I hot oil my hair. I only buy hot oil treatment and put it on my hair. But this was my first time trying cooling hair pack. The Nature Republic Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack live up to its name because it really cools, refresh our scalp and hair. And because of that cooling effect, pinatagal ko pa ng 20 minutes before I rinse it. I also let my husband and son use it, feel na feel ng anak ko yung lamig so enjoy siya.

3. Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence 

It will brighten the dull skin tone, gives moisturizing benefits and whitens the skin. The main ingredients are green tea seed oil for whitening, sea buckthorn oil for soothing, spider silk protein for vitalizing and ethyl ascorbyl ether- vitamin C.

Recommended for dull skin, dark skin tone, uneven skin tone or for those who want to have total care for the skin.

It has a pump so it is so easy to use.  I like this product because it really brigthens my face. My husband noticed it after few days of using it.

How to use Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence:

After toner, apply a moderate amount to the face and gently pat on the skin to absorb.

4. Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in 01 Amber Slip 

The 4-color daily eyeshadow palette gives a clear and transparent look formulated by a wet coating method to provide a smooth and light touch for color to shine naturally. Vivid color formation, practically, and different color depth is useful for eye makeup.

How to use Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in 01 Amber Slip 

Using a brush, tip or finger, apply a light shade across the eyelid up to the crease.

I don’t normally put eyeshadow on my eyes because I’m not used to it but I tried it and it is so easy to apply. I just don’t like the free mirror, ang labo! Malinaw pa yung takip ng lata ng gatas. Hahaha!

5. The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub 

A warming scrub infused with peppermint and caffeine extracts to smooth out cellulite and smoothens the contour of the body.

How to use The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub:

Apply to the skin and gently massage in circular motion. Leave on for a minute or two, then rinse off with water.

True to its name, the scrub gives you a warm feeling. Even you already rinse it, you can still feel the warm sensation on your skin. I just can’t say if it reduced my cellulite at marami-rami ako niyan. Hehehe!

6. W.Lab Change Foot Peeling Pack 

It contains carbonated water, lemon, orange, apple, lime, acerola, pomegranate, grape, peach, kiwi, urea, aloe vera leaf

How to use W.Lab Change Foot Peeling Pack:

1. Cut the foot sheet, look for the cut line.
2. Put the sheet on then put CO2 booster into each sheet.
3. Adjust the ankle size, wait until the content is absorbed.
4. After 1 hour, put the sheet off then rinse the feet clearly.

After one hour, I did not see any changes so I patiently waited for my feet to peel. After 3 days, wala pa rin, then after 5 days wala pa rin. I was losing hope already, feeling ko wala na mangyayari. But after 6 days, my sole started to peel na. Patience is a virtue talaga. I thought hindi eepekto. Hehehe! The peeling lasted for few days but I still don’t have a baby foot, sa kapal siguro ng dead skin cells na dapat tanggalin.

7. Angel Factory Under Arm White Peeling Perfume 

Dark, dry underarms, be gone! This whitening, hydrating and exfoliating kit keeps your underarms looking and smelling as good as they feel throughout the day.

How to use Angel Factory Under Arm White Peeling Perfume: 

1. Take out the pads and gently wipe the underarms in a circular motion to cleanse and exfoliate the area.
2.Allow to dry, then apply the whitening fragrant cream onto the underarms and pat until absorbed.

I haven’ tried this because when I’m about to use it, wala pala English translation sa packaging. Tinamad na ko lumabas ng bathroom to check for the instruction. I will update this pag nagamit ko na.

So far, I’m happy with my order and I will repurchase this again. You can get P200 off if you use this link. Minimum of P1500 for your first order.

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I recently bought Althea Korea Lazy Sunday box too. I will share my review next time.

November 06, 2017

Sembreak 2017

Sembreak is over and my son is already back to school. Grabe ang bilis lang ng sembreak, halos hindi ko naramdaman. I thought that I will have enough time to blog since there were no classes last week but I was wrong. So what happened last week? 

Trick or Treat 

Out of the blue, my son asked me kung ano daw costume niya sa trick or treat. I was surprised because I was not planning anything because we did not attend any Trick or Treat event last year kasi nga feeling ko tapos na kami sa mga ganyan. So I asked my husband if they have a trick or treat event sa office and he said yes. The last time that we attended their company’s trick or treat was five years ago and two years ago we went to Taal Vista Hotel Trick or Treat Event.

It was a last minute preparation so few days before the event, I asked my friend if I can borrow any costume. Thank God, may nagkasya sa anak ko. Day before the event, I made a DIY green lantern mask so nagtatahi pa ko di ba.

Tip: Costumes are expensive so if you can borrow from your friends or families, makakatipid ka or kaya mag DIY na lang. For the past several years, twice pa lang kami bumili ng Halloween Costumes. 

My son enjoyed the Trick or Treat event and buti na lang chocolates ang mga pinamigay, konti lang ang candies. 

Day Trip at Masamirey Cove Resort 

My husband decided to go to Pangasinan para sa Undas, it was an overnight trip so I suggested na mag-overnight or day trip kami sa Masamirey Cove Resort. Staying in the province with kid in tow is not easy, lalo na at walang wifi at cable doon so mabored ang anak ko. Kailangan may activity or else, mabibingi ko sa "I'm bored mommy".

Three days before our trip, I messaged and texted the resort but no one replied, seen zoned lang so I told my husband to call the resort. He was advised that there is no more room available so he just reserved for a day trip. 

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Review Time 

For the very first time, our second periodical test was moved so my son and I started to review na nung sembreak. Sad lang na hindi namin naenjoy kasi aral pa rin, hehehe! Mas okay sana kung nag-exam na kami before sembreak. 

Hands-on Training Series 

I am planning to work at home so I attended a training last week in Tagaytay. I have zero knowledge of freelancing or homebased jobs so I decided to attend a training. It is an Introduction to Freelancing so now at least I already have an idea. It’s been years since the last time I work, so kakapa-kapa ako and I don’t even have a resume. Well, one step at a time. 

This is our lunch meal at Moderno Tagaytay.

That’s it! I need to finish my son’s reviewer pa.

October 26, 2017

Facts about Psoriasis

Do you know that there is World Psoriasis Day? Yes, this is a worldwide event where people around the world celebrate the WPD to give voice to millions of people who have psoriasis and I’m one of those people who have psoriasis

In the Philippines, we have National Awareness Week from October 23-29 since 2011 via Presidential Proclamation. But before that, PsorPhil is already celebrating World Psoriasis Day every year. People who have psoriasis, doctors, family and other supporters gather together to spread awareness about this skin condition.

This year, it will be celebrated on October 29, 2017 at San Andres Sports Complex. I haven’t joined all the parade but I was able to attend 2010, 2012, 2014 and hopefully this year, I can attend WPD event. 

If you have psoriasis or if you know someone who has psoriasis, let them know that there is a PsorPhil group or different clubs around the Philippines where you can join so you won’t feel alone. I am a member of Asian Psorclub so if you live in Laguna, Cavite, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque or anywhere in South, you can join our group. 

Anyway, since this is National Awareness Week let me inform you about psoriasis. I saw this flyer while I was cleaning. This is the flyer that we’re giving away during our Word Psoriasis Day walk.

Psoriasis in Numbers

Psoriasis affects 1-3% of the world’s population. (Clin. Dermatol. 2006;24;438-47) 
1.8 million Filipinos may have psoriasis. Psoriasis affects adult males and females equally. 
Studies have shown that 36-71% of patients with psoriasis have one relative who is also affected by psoriasis. 
Up to 10-20% of patients with plaque psoriasis also experience psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis develops in persons aged 35-55 years old. 
Approximately 50% of psoriasis patients >65 years old have at least 3 comorbidities and -67% have 2 or more comorbities, -10% of patients have ocular signs (blepharitis, conjunctivitis) which is more common in men than in women. (R. Arffa, MD, 2009) 
On the average, people with severe psoriasis have shorter life span of 4 years than patients without psoriasis, 3.5% years for men and 4.4 years for women. (Arch Dermatol. 2007;143(12):1493-1499)

Facts about Psoriasis 

What is psoriasis? 

Psoriasis is a common, chronic, relapsing, inflammatory skin disorder with a strong genetic basis. It is characterized be red, raised, itchy patches, with silvery scales, which can occur on any part of the body. 

Psoriasis is not an infection and therefore is not contagious. 

What causes psoriasis? 

The exact cause of psoriasis is still undetermined. Psoriasis occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Again, psoriasis is not caused by an infection and not contagious. 

What triggers psoriasis? 

The development of psoriasis has undoubtedly a genetic component, but certain environmental factors may also trigger the disease. These factors may include physical trauma, infections, stress, drug, alcohol, and cold climate. 

Is there a cure for psoriasis? 

At present, doctors cannot cure the disease, or even modify the course illness. Current treatments do not affect disease activity. This means that if the disease is active, then relapse will occur as soon as treatment is discontinued whatever therapy is used. 

However, psoriasis can be cleared with treatment that is currently available. 

Other Important Information about Psoriasis 

Psoriasis, being a common, chronic, complex inflammatory disease shares immunological features with other serious health disorders. 

Recent studies suggest that moderate to severe psoriasis is associated with comorbidities like metabolic syndrome and its components (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia), cardiovascular disease, Chron’s disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, depression, and inflammatory arthritis among others. 

Considering the link between psoriasis and comorbidities, it pertinent that a patient be aware of importance of regular follow-ups to their health care providers in order to be monitored for the said risk factors. It is also important for patients to adapt healthy lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise, to help prevent the development of comorbidities. 

Aside from these serious medical disorders, people with psoriasis are faced with a psychological and emotional burden aggravated by lack of awareness regarding the disease. Many of them face discrimination in public places like the hair salon, riding public transportation, workplace, swimming pools, and the like. It is important that people be made aware that psoriasis is not contagious and cannot be passed on by physically interacting with a person with psoriasis. Psychological and social support from family members, friends and support groups are very significant in decreasing the isolation of patient feels and increasing his/her confidence in living well with psoriasis.

October 25, 2017

Newton Food Centre in Singapore

Singapore is not only known for famous tourist spots like Universal Studio, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa and other famous attractions. Lion city is also popular because they have several food centres or hawkers in their country. 

Hawker is a vendor, peddler or costermonger who sells merchandise that can be easily transported like handicrafts, foods and other affordable items. It can be mobile or stationary. A Hawker Centre is an open-air group of food stalls that sell inexpensive foods. It is a one-stop destination where people can eat and drink different cuisines at an affordable price. Check below the top 12 hawkers in Singapore. 

Top 12 Hawkers in Singapore 

1.Maxwell Road Hawker Centre 
2.Newton Food Centre 
3.Smith Street 
4.Old Airport Road Food Centre 
5.Lau Pat Sat Hawker Centre 
6.Chinatown Food Street 
7.Tiong Bahru Market 
8.Tekka Centre 
9.Singapore Food Trail 
10.Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre 
11.Makansutra Gluttons Bay 
12.Satay By The Bay

I’ve been to Singapore thrice but I haven’t tried eating at a hawker centre. Last year, we stayed at Sheraton Towers Hotel which is located in Newton so the nearest hawker centre is Newton Circus or Newton Food Centre. It was first opened in 1971 and was renovated in the year 2005 and 2016. 

So when we went there last August 2016, the food centre was closed for renovation so we just went back to the hotel to eat our dinner. So the following days, we made sure that we eat dinner before going back to the hotel para tipid.

Anyway, my husband was in Singapore last week and he finally tried the famous Newton Food Centre. It is one of the best hawker centre in Singapore. It is just walking distance from Sheraton Towers and open only during the evening. The place is packed with tourists, students and workers. There are so many food stalls that you can choose from depending on the cuisines that you prefer. 

On his first visit, he forgot to take photos. Hehehe! Pero bumawi naman so I was able to see the Newton Food Centre. He ordered BBQ Sambal Stingray + Lime Juice

Hawker is the level up version of street food so rest assured that they are selling clean foods and drinks. In fact, in the year 2016, Hill Street Hwa Pork Noodle and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle were awarded a Michelin Star for Excellence in Eating. It only shows that hawker centres and food stalls are serving high-quality food. 

Have you tried hawker centre in Singapore?