October 23, 2011

Bite the Bullet

If there is one thing that I could not live without, that would be my laptop. It is really part of my everyday life and the only time that I’m not using it is when I’m on my vacation trip. Yesterday, I was doing my normal routine when my laptop just crashed down and I could no longer start my windows. It seems my world just stops revolving because I don’t know how I can troubleshoot my problem. I’m trying the safe mode so I can still save my files but unfortunately, it is not working.

I’ve been bugging my brother to help me, he told me to reinstall without choosing the format hard disk so I can save my files but there is no guarantee that I could save it. I was really sad and I want to cry but I have no more tears left (naubos na yata sa speech ni “Budoy”). I’m so worried because I have no backup copy, I’ve lost my files since 2005, including my widget codes, blog posts, articles, preschool worksheet that I have just downloaded for my son and my two itineraries for our upcoming trip. I’ve been doing this itinerary since September and I have to do it all over again. The saddest part is I did not save my picture since October 2010, just knowing this date gusto ko ng mahimatay because it only means I’ve lost our CDO-Camiguin, Puerto Princesa, Boracay, Kota Kinabalu and Cebu trip pictures. My only consolation is the photos that I have uploaded in Facebook and here in my blog.

Lesson learned: “Do not ever forget to back up your files”

My husband is trying to comfort me, he was telling me na 3 years lang life span ng laptop (mine is turning 3) and maybe it is time to replace your laptop. I should be happy because he is willing to replace my laptop but of course, I have to give up something. It is no secret here that I’ve been meaning to replace my camera but I have to make a choice. I am so confused and yet I have to bite the bullet.

Yesterday, we went to two different malls scouting for a laptop but we went home without buying one because I was still hoping for a miracle but there was no miracle, still can’t use my laptop. I am hoping and praying that my brother could still save my files because it means a lot to me. But for now, I have to make a decision, “to buy or not to buy”.


  1. Sorry for what happened sis. Have you tried going to a computer repair shop? They might know a way to surely save your files.

    But anyway, I hope your brother will be able to. It's sad to lose such memorable things, although sometimes we really have to say goodbye and move forward.


  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. I've lost an external hard disk too with so much pictures in it and wasn't able to back them up so I know how you feel. I do hope your brother can find a way to at least recover the files. Baka windows files lang corrupted and you can still get your files.

    Spanish Pinay

  3. i'm hoping talaga. sayang ang pictures. =)

  4. Ako bumili ng external HD nandun lahat ng mga pictures. Nasira nga DVD writer ko e. I used to burn pictures din sa DVD bukod sa extrenal HD copies. Paranoid kasi ako na mag crash ang computer ko kaya gusto ko naka back up. Meron nga ding online back up (Carbonite) muntik ko na din patulan sa sobrang paranoid ko na mawala mga files ko. lol! Kaya lang yoko magbayad yearly kaya dun na lang ako sa external HD which is pwede din masira katagalan. Kaya yung ibang pictures ko na importante e ini-mail ko sa sarili ko. hihihi! Ang kulit no?

  5. ^ same here, i used to burn pictures din pero nakalimutan ko gawin. i will buy external HD na rin just to be sure. =)