May 15, 2017

Angel of Peace in Vallersund Norway

When we started walking in Bruholmen and hiking in Lerberen mountain, my son kept on saying, “I’m tired” and my mom will just say, “madali lang ito, aakyat pa nga tayo sa Angel of Peace and Kopparen”.

She even set a date for that, if you remember my previous post, I mentioned that on our day 10, the weather forecast is rainy so my mom said that we will just visit Vallersund Gård but don’t forget to bring the overall.

So after doing our grocery in Bjugn Sentrum, we went straight to Vallersund Gård. At the parking lot, I put on my overall because my mom told me so, mahangin daw at lalamigin ako. Then we visited Vallersund Farm.

Then on our way back to the parking lot, my mom said, “Akyat na tayo sa Angel of Peace”, nandito na rin lang naman tayo and hindi pa umuulan”

Me: What! Baka abutan tayo ng ulan.
Mom: Hindi, saglit lang yun mga 15 minutes hike lang.

As if we have a choice noh? Hehehe! So off we went to see the Angel of Peace on top of this mountain in Vallersund.

The first several minutes, okay pa ang paglalakad, picture picture pa. But time came, that I was complaining already.

Me: Malayo pa ba? sabi mo 15 minutes lang. Kanina pa tayo umaakyat.
Mom: Malapit na.


Surprisingly, my son was not complaining and he was enjoying the hike. I’m the one who kept on saying, Ethan, wait for us. Dahan-dahan lang at baka mahulog ka. And in my mind, wag niyo ko iwan. hehehe!

My mom even waited for me because I was really dragging myself to go up. I’m not a very active person and college pa yung last hike ko so hirap na hirap talaga ko. In addition, I’m afraid of heights tapos ang hangin-hangin pa, takot na nga ko, nilalamig pa ko. Lol

Buti pa anak ko, feel na feel pa ang "I'm on the top of the world"

After 48 years of crawling, (yes, gumagapang talaga sa takot) hehehe! I was able to see the Angel of Peace. The UniteHope Angel was created by the Lehna Edwall and it was given to the people of Vallersund in the year 2009.

The angel sculpture was part of the worldwide art project to spread love, light and hope to all. You can also see Angel of Peace sculpture in Vanuatu, Australia, Mali, Canada, Peru, Hawaii and Russia. So even, I was so exhausted, I still feel proud to see one of Angel of Peace in the world.

We wrote our names in the logbook and happy to say that I conquered this small mountain in Vallersund. But I told my mom, last na ito ha, ayaw ko na umakyat ng bundok. Pang Lerberen mountain lang ako.

We place our stones here because my mom told me so. After this, we went down the mountian, kung pwede lang na gumulong na lang ko pababa sa pagod.

On our way to the parking lot, it started to rain. I was thankful to God because we already finished the hike before it rained.

Me: Sabi mo, 15 minutes hike lang but it took us more than 1 hour, (round trip).
Mom: Mabagal kasi tayo pero 15 minutes lang yan.

Waah! I felt deceived. After our hike, my body was in pain and on our way home, nakatulog talaga ko sa pagod. Then after we ate, I slept again. My family was laughing at me. I said that it will be my last mountain, quota na ko.

After few days, my mom brought up the Kopparen hike because her friends were inviting her to hike. I immediately said no. She was convincing me na kahit half lang daw akyatin namin but I said "Ma, hindi ko pumunta ng Norway, para umakyat ng bundok." hehehe! Now I realized that I’m getting old and I need to have an active lifestyle. My mom is more active than me.

Watch the video here.


  1. Haha same here! Ayoko ng umakyat ng bundok. Tinanong ako ng norwegian officemates ko ano ginagawa ng mga pinoy pag weekend kung naghahike din daw ba? sabi ko no! malayo mga bundok sa Manila at pag weekend nagpapahinga lang talaga. Pagod sa traffic buong linggo! Kaya ang healthy ng mga tao sa kanila no? hilig nila mag hike.

    1. Free talaga sila kasi ng weekend so talagang weekend getaway sila. Parang kasalanan mo na kung di ka healthy sa dami ng free recreational areas nila na pwede ka maglakad o hike. Basta ko walking lang, ayaw ko gumapang paakyat ng bundok. hehehe!

  2. Ay grabe ang mommy mo, ang tibay! hehe. pero ang ganda ng lugar, talagang worth it! Buti si Ethan nag enjoy! Si Nate ganun din, tamad maglakad. Gusto pakarga lagi, sasabihin pa, "mama, wala na akong energy". haha. Tapos ayun na itataas na kamay para magpabuhat.

  3. Ay grabe, ang tibay ni Mommy mo, sis! Pero ang ganda ng lugar, worth it ang pagod! Good thing nag enjoy si Ethan. Si Nate tamad din maglakad, sasabihin pa, "mama, wala na ako energy" (natutunan sa Milo Energy Gap jingle, lol), tapos ayun, magpapabuhat na. haha.

  4. Hahaha. Your mom is the cutest. My mom can he like that, too. 15 minutes daw pero isang oras na. Nway, your mom has such gre s t strength to climb and hike and she can be real persistent. But more than that, I felt the concern she has for you. Truly a nanay :)

    1. Nakakaloka di ba, ang layo ng 15 minutes niya. hehehe!