May 03, 2017

Lunch at Peder Hiort Marthus

We left the house at 6AM in the morning and we arrived in Røros past 12NN so we were really tired and hungry. So after leaving our luggage in Ålbyggården, we immediately looked for a restaurant.

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My aunt saw this Pub, Kafe and Pizza sign so we went inside the green door and when we entered it, I am not sure if it is really a restaurant because I’ve seen a lot of alcoholic drinks. Upon seated, the staff asked them if we will eat and we said yes. So he opened the door to the restaurant. Mali nga napasukan namin, hehehe!

When we entered the restaurant, now I know that we are in the correct place. Peder Hiort Marthus has a pleasant atmosphere and it displayed artifacts and photos of Røros. It is very interesting to see the different stuff that was used before. It gives you a little bit history of the place.

Upon seated, the staff gave us the menu. Peder Hiort Marthus offers local and international menu so it is ideal for the family who has different food preference. While browsing the menu, Wala ko maisip orderin sa adult menu so I borrowed the Kid’s Menu from my son and I chose my food there. So we ordered Ytrefilet/Sirloin Steak NOK119 for me, Barnetpizza NOK79 for my son, one pizza for my husband and my mom which I don’t know the name and price. But the pizza looks like a Hawaiian pizza because there is pineapple.

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When they serve the kid’s pizza, it is small so I was surprised when I saw my order, hindi siya mukhang pang kids. The meal includes steak, chips and fried vegetables. I was not able to taste the pizza but they said it was good too.

The pizza was big too so take-out na lang. When I say take-out, binalot na lang namin sa wax paper and tissue. Hindi uso take-out dito. Sa Pinas lang yata. Hehehe! Overall, we enjoyed our food and according to them, it is not that expensive.

Peder Hiort Marthus 
Bergmannsgata, Røros Norway


  1. the food looks tasty, it would be perfect now to intake while do the blog hopping

  2. Very rustic ang theme! Parang ung sa pinag-stay-han nyo lang din. Mahilig sila sa ganyang mga design dun? Maganda, para sakin it promotes serenity. hehe.

  3. The pizza is indeed big. Which makes me so curious bakit di uso take out dyan? I love the ambiance. And it is indeed helpful if the place itself gives few history or kwento about itself. I bet tlaga when your little boy went home sa Philippines, he has such beautiful memory of his vacation.

  4. I love rustic looking restaurants! And the food looks super delicious. I think the servings look rather big, too!