May 14, 2017

Vallersund Gård Norway

Since it's not raining yet, my mom decided to go straight to Vallersund Gård after doing our grocery. Vallersund Gård or Vallersund Farm is situated in Bjugn Kommune. It is a small Camphill village that takes care of the people who have special needs. 

There is a Fram-school here where young adults with learning disabilities can learn new skills. They teach gardening, organic farming and other sheltered workshops that will help and develop people with special needs.

Sayang lang because it is not yet summer time so hindi pa namin nakita na may mga tanim yung farm. They also sell their own products in the store but we haven’t visited it during our trip.

Vallersund Gård is part of national protection plan for historical buildings and considered an Eco-village because 

1. They have a large windmill that covers their energy needs. 

2. They use heat pump which extracts energy from the sea to warms the houses. 

3.They have a biological purifying plant that treats waste water before it goes back to the sea. 

This is the sea lion made by artist Astrid Dahisveen. 

You can also see the “Angel of Peace” on top of the small mountain of Vallersund,

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  1. Nakakainggit ang ibang bansa no, parang ung government nila is very helpful to the needy. Sadly, because of corruption, parang di natin ma feel ang tulong dito sa PH. Nakakatuwa lang isipin. Buti pa sa Norway. At may crowd ba jan? haha. Parang halos lahat ng pics very peaceful ang scenery. Sarap magmuni muni jan! lol.

    1. True, pag napunta ka sa ibang bansa napapaisip ka na sana ganito rin sa Pinas. Konti lang tao dito kaya halos wala crowd pero sa city marami-rami tao. hehehe!

  2. Wow! Anggaling naman.. sana nga may mga ganitong program din ang government natin. Nakakatuwa na sila mismo gumawa ng heating system nila at iba pa. Anggaling!