May 18, 2017

Pavlova for 17th of May

When I first visited Norway, I noticed that they love cakes. There are so many cakes at every event that I’ve attended and whenever we visit a house, they always serve ice cream or cake. 

My mom always bakes a cake so aside from the World’s Best Cake, I asked her to bake Pavlova. She said, the taste is like the world’s best cake but still I want to taste this cake since I haven’t seen this cake in the Philippines.

She said that I could bake this cake because there is already Pavlova mix that I can buy at the market but she changed her mind because she hasn’t tried the instant mix yet. I’m thankful to my sister who volunteered to bake the meringue. I love my family because they love to bake and I love to eat sweets. Anyway, my only contribution is, that I mixed the 1 tbsp sugar, whipping cream, and vanilla sauce. My mom sliced the fruits.

I don’t know how my sister made this meringue but my mom showed me this recipe book. This is one of the group projects of my sister in school where they collected different recipes in Fosen. They were able to sell 500+ of this recipe book six years ago. My sister is on the cover too. (she’s holding the egg beater). 

As my mom said, it is almost the same as the World’s Best Cake because the base is meringue. But I think this is easier to make because you just need to bake the meringue, mix the cream, and sliced the fruits. You assemble everything before serving. 

Even if you are eating this sweet dessert, you feel less guilty because you are also eating fresh fruits. Hehehe! There are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and kiwi. So even though my son is telling me that I’m getting fatter every day, I can’t say no to the yummy desserts. Saka na ko magdiet pag tapos na bakasyon. 

Speaking of the 17th of May, Pavlova is a very popular dessert every National Day. You can already see the colors of the Norway flag on this cake, there is white, blue, and red so it is like a National Cake too.

You can create your own version of Pavlova, some people make two layers, one layer, or even a mini version of Pavlova. We visited my aunt last May 18 and she served mini Pavlova. 

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  1. Wow. I may say I like this than the world's best cake. I love kiwi and fruits and berries. There's this cake from ... my.God, I cant remember the name of that cake shop. They have a fruity cake something and I always order one when I used to work pa.

    1. I also changed my favorite, I prefer this compared to "The World's Best Cake". :)