May 13, 2017

Bjugn Norway

On our day 10 in Norway, my mom was on leave and she planned to visit the Vallersund Gård in Bjugn. But the day before our trip, the weather forecast is “rainy” so she was contemplating whether to go or not. After our breakfast, she decided to pursue our trip in Bjugn and advised us to bring our overall. 

We’ve seen Bjugn before when we went to Vanvikan Ferry Port, puting-puti pa ang mga daan sa snow. Check the video here. But after 4 days wala ng snow. 

This is Bjugn Kommune, it is situated on the fosen peninsula. According to Wikipedia, fosen is a traditional district in Trondelag, each district is dominated by coastal cliffs, forested valleys, mountains and lakes. 

The municipalities are Osen, Roan, Bjugn, Rissa, Agdenes, Snillfjord, Hitra, Hemme, Frøya, Åfjord and Ørland. Bjugn is also surrounded by fjord, Bjugnfjorden, and Stjørnfjord, I’ve seen the stunning view of their fjord, during one of our hikes. Check the video here

In Bjugn, there is an indoor multi-use ice rink which is called Fosenhallen. This was used to host the World Junior Speed Skating Championships in the year 2014. There are 6 churches within Bjugn Kommune, so far I’ve only seen one, kita siya sa daan

First time ko makakita ng bus nila dito. :)

Anyway, we went to Europris and Kiwi store to buy some food and pasalubong for my in-laws. Well, sad to say, my husband has only two weeks of vacation leave so he cannot stay long.

Slice your own bread

My mom was looking for shrimp for our dinner and I was surprised na cooked shrimp na pala dito, sa boat pa lang daw niluluto na yung mga shrimp. 

And they served it cold, as in malamig na shrimp, lobster, smoked salmon with bread and mayonnaise for our dinner.


  1. That's why hindi ako nagshrimp nung andyan ako. Nalalansahan kasi ako. May nabili ako yung wala na balat. Di ko gusto lasa. Nakabili ka ng sale na Freia? Sana may sale sa Kiwi! Laking tipid din pag sale d

    1. May nakita nga ko yung mga basa bottle na walang balat na shrimp. Nakabili ko last month ng sale ng Freia, ngayon naghahanap ulit ng Sale. hehehe!

  2. I love eating shrimps pero mas maganda kung hindi pa cooked na bibilhin. Well, iba-iba talaga ang style in every country.

  3. You are so blessed to be able to explore such nice a place. I think cold cooked shrimps are weird. How does it taste?

  4. Dito naman sa atin may kumakain ng kilawin na shrimp. Hehe. Anyway, I know you had so much fun during your trip. Saw it on Instagram. Ilan days kayo nagstay there?

  5. Wow, that's a nice place to explore. Clean, awesome view of nature, and it's not overpopulated. That's a great opportunity for you.

  6. I have know a little about Norway. The name of places in Norway sounds unique as I regard them. It is nice for your that you have gone to this place and eat those delicacies which seem also common in the Philippines.

  7. I love small, quiet towns like that. I can really see myself living in a place like Bjugn. I find it really beautiful!