August 24, 2017

Arce Dairy Ice Cream

Our family loves ice cream but we don’t usually buy ice cream because of our limited space in the fridge. If we buy ice cream, we need to finish it as soon as possible so we tend to buy pint or half gallon only. Now, I’m happy to say that we can buy ice cream anytime because we now have space. If you remember my old post, we have new fridge na. Yey!

So when we went to Landmark, we checked their ice cream section. I was happy to see different brands of ice cream because, in our place, I only see two brands so nakakasawa na. I saw Carmen’s Best, Merry Moo and Arce Dairy, we chose the latter because it is cheaper.

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Since we have different likes and wants, we chose our own flavor. My husband chose avocado, my son chose chocolate and I chose coffee. I’m not fond of drinking coffee but when it comes to ice cream, I like coffee or mocha flavor.

My son almost finished eating his ice cream in one sitting kung hindi ko lang pinigilan. When I ate my ice cream, my two boys tried it and they liked it too, gusto na nila ubusin yung sa akin. I don’t understand bakit pa kami nag tig-isa isa kung kakainin din nila yung sa akin. I’m sure next time, they will choose coffee flavor na rin. Hehehe!

So far we've tried avocado, chocolate, coffee, ube, pistachio, and mango flavor.  Anyway, have you tried Merry Moo brand? Is it good?


  1. Arce Dairy! Ansarap nyan! Not too sweet and flavorful pa.. Avocado yung nakain ko before. I haven't tried Carmen's Best and Merry Moo yet but I've heard masarap daw mommy 🙂

  2. Alam ko natikman ko na to e. Di ko lang maalala kung kailan. haha. Bihira ko pa makita sa grocery ang brand na 'to. Kaya yung mga common brands lang lagi available.

  3. Arce Diary is cheaper but the taste is definitely not at all behind. Love its creamy texture and taste. when I was younger, I would collect the tin cans. Ihihi.