August 11, 2017

My First Week of August

It’s been a week of not updating this blog, I’ve been preoccupied with so many things and I have no time to finish my backlogs. But I was able to upload two new videos on my YouTube channel. Since I haven’t blogged about our Iceland Trip, you can check the videos here. Hopefully, I can upload more. 

So what happened this past week? 


My father-in-law went back to the Philippines. It’s been several years already since he went to the USA so this was the first time that his grandchildren in the Philippines will meet him.

My husband took a leave to fetch him at the airport and we had an overnight swimming at JMJ resort, a private resort in Biñan Laguna. Though my family did not sleep there because my husband and son do not want to be absent in school and work. 

House Improvement 

I mentioned in my previous post that I have a new refrigerator. I’ve been meaning to replace our fridge but my husband does not like the idea because our fridge is still working fine. But I told him that I needed a bigger one, ang hirap pagkasyahin ng food sa maliit na ref and I also want to have a cabinet under the stairs. It is better to replace the fridge before the cabinet para nakasukat na. 

Sayang ang space under the stairs, I know that we can maximize the space and it will help me to declutter our home. He agreed with me, so after 11 years, we bought a new refrigerator, I made a draft of my cabinet design and contacted the contractor. We bought pull-out baskets and dripping pans and gave it to the contractor. 

After two weeks of waiting, they already installed the cabinet and I’m glad that they finished everything in two days. So these past few days, I was busy removing our stuff under the stairs then putting our stuff again in our new cabinet. 

This is the reason why I opted for clothes rack for my son’s clothes because I no longer have budget for the built-in cabinet.

Birthday Celebration at Four Seasons Hotpot and Buffet City

My friend celebrated her birthday at Four Seasons Hotpot and Buffet City, so I had my “Me time” yesterday. The advantage of having a grade school kid, mas mahaba ang oras sa school so nakakatakas paminsan-minsan. I will share it on a separate post. 

Approaching Periodical Exam 

Next week is my son’s periodical exam so I’m busy making reviewer and worksheet for him. Good thing that I only have one child, I can’t imagine the stress kung ang dami ko anak, lahat gagawan ko ng reviewer and worksheet. Waah!


  1. I also aim to buy a ref. I had a few savings for that and until now, di ko pa ginagalaw ung money pambili ng ref. Though ours is working pa naman, just like you, we need a bigger space now. Living with boys means a bigger food space as well.

    I like the cabinet under the stairs. Saves space indeed. :)

    1. True, we need bigger space in the ref if we want to buy and store more foods. Thanks!

  2. Ang ganda ng built in cabinet under the stairs! I'd love to have that one too. hindi ba mahirap linisin?

    1. Thanks! Hindi naman mahirap linisin kasi we can remove few parts of the cabinet if we want to clean the floor or walls. :)

  3. Wow! I love the built in cabinet under your stairs! Such great use of space. I'll keep that in mind when we move.

    Kami naman, we need a new refrigerator but since we're transferring soon, we decided not to buy muna until we've transferred.

    1. Thanks! We need to maximize the space because we live in a small house din. :)

  4. That's a busy week momshie. And oh, I soooo love the pull-out cabinet. I love space-saving home ideas. Ang galing :)