August 03, 2017

How to Mold Chocolate Candy

I have this chocolate chips in the fridge that I haven’t used because I don’t have an oven yet. It’s been several months simula ng nasira yung thermostat nung oven namin and until now, I have no plans to fix or replace it yet.

The service company was asking for 7k just to fix the thermostat and I find it expensive, pwede na ko bumili ng small electric oven nun e. My husband already looked for an oven but I told him, saka na lang kami bumili, mas gusto ko new refrigerator.

Wish granted, I have a new fridge but no oven. Hehehe! Anyway, before the chocolate expires, I decided to use it but the problem is, pang Christmas yung chocolate molder ko, ayaw ko pa gamitin. So I asked my husband to buy me an ice cube tray when he went to Singapore last week. Isinama ko na sa IKEA shopping list ko.

So last Sunday, my son and I made chocolate candy. I put the chocolate chips in a bowl and put it in the microwave oven for 2 minutes and stir. Repeat the process until I get the right consistency.

Papakin ang leftover chocolate. :)
But I noticed that my chocolate mixture is too thick, hindi siya liquid like nung nakikita ko sa cooking show. Then I read an article in wikiHow, “Do not use chocolate chips, baking chocolate or store bought chocolate bars because of the fluidity”.

So that is the reason why my chocolate mixture is not a syrup type. But I still continued my chocolate candy. I put chopped walnuts in the ice cube tray, yung iba wala because my son like a plain chocolate. Then I covered it with plastic cling wrap and put it in the fridge.

Then I unmold it, voila! We now have chocolate candy and my son likes it. Though hindi perfect yung shape nung chocolate, pwede na rin. It will melt in our mouth. hehehe!

How to Mold Chocolate Candy 

1. Melt your chocolate in double boiler or microwave oven
2. Spoon the mixture in the molder
3. Put the mold in the fridge
4. Unmold it and serve.


  1. easy to follow, thanks for the share sis, will try this but first need to buy molder

  2. Wow this is so easy to make! Would love to try it. Kaso we need to buy a new ref din muna. Haha! Our freezer kasi doesn't work that well anymore. Baka hindi mag freeze yung chocolate.

  3. I hope to be back at our house so I could bake and make cookies and chocolates as well. I miss baking and making snacks for my kids. We are temporarily staying at my Mom's house kasi. When I get home, I will try this talaga.

  4. Thanks for sharing how to achieve the correct fluid consistency monshie, noted on that. Will try this pag di na diet mode.

  5. Yay! Thanks for the idea mommy! I'll try this activity with my son this weekend! Sakto may ice tray ako hehe!