August 25, 2017

Cinnabon Bakery

On our way to Discovery Suites Hotel, we dropped by at a gas station in SLEX so we could have our lunch. I did not cook anymore since we will be sleeping in the hotel. After our lunch, I saw the Cinnabon kiosk, I bought 4 pack Classic Minibon at P205 for our merienda. I want to try their Carvel ice cream but unfortunately, it was not available that day. 

Then when we reached the hotel, my son wanted to swim immediately, so he checked our bag, looking for his swimming clothes. He saw the cinnamon roll, I totally forgot about the bread, good thing my son saw it in our backpack. 

Discovery Suites Hotel has oven toaster and microwave oven so heating the cinnamon roll is not a problem. There is a heating instruction printed on the box.

Cinnamon Rolls at Microwave Oven 

1. Place uncovered on a microwave-safe plate.
2. Heat small roll for 15-20 seconds on high. Add 4 seconds for each additional roll. 

Surprisingly, my son likes the cinnamon roll. As far as I know, he is not fond of cinnamon bread. I bought a cinnamon roll at Cinnabon and I even baked cinnamon roll when I attended a baking class but he did not mind it. He asked me, “Mommy, is this my first time to eat this?”

Me: No, I bought that before and you don’t like it.
Ethan: Eh, sarap kaya. I like this mommy!
Me: Mukha nga, ayaw mo na ko tirhan e. hehehe! 

So my husband heats the two remaining minibon because my son ate the first two pieces. If only there is Cinnabon near us, I can add this to his baon list. Have you tried the other flavors? I only tried the classic one, hesitant to try other flavors because it is not cheap, baka masayang pag hindi namin type.

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Update: October 2017 - Open na ang Cinnabon Bakery sa Festival Mall. Yey, we can buy cinnamon roll every time we visit the mall.

Update January 14, 2018 - Cinnabon Festival Branch Did not Honor my PWD ID. 

I posted this on my Instagram account but I will just share this so others will be informed too.

After my son’s check-up, I went to Cinnabon to buy minibon. I showed my PWD ID and the cashier gave it back to me without writing anything and without saying a word. So I ordered 9pcs of Minibon. Then she prepared everything and after that, she said I need to pay P440. I told her that I have PWD ID. Then they told me (2 staff na sila sa counter) na malaki na daw discount ng Minibon 9pcs kaya WALA Discount. Sa Minibon 4pcs meron.

I paused for a while and I said “ganun?”. I paid P440 but I was really disappointed. The cashier knew that I have PWD ID, she should inform me that I could only get a discount if I order Minibon 4pcs. If she said that, I will only order 4pcs as long as I could use my benefits. I did not change my order kasi naiinis na rin ko.

This was the first time that my PWD ID was rejected. As far as I know, the discounts are not charged to the establishment. They can claim these in the form of tax discounts from the government so I don't understand na parang mahirap para sa kanya na ibigay yung PWD discount.

I do understand that they have their own store policy. I gave her my PWD ID and she gave it back to me. I ordered Minibon 9pcs (that is my usual order since we like cinnamon rolls) and the cashier did not inform me that I will not get a PWD discount if I will order 9 pcs. I was only informed when I repeated myself that I have PWD ID, that's the only time that they told me that they only offer the discount sa Minibon 4pcs. I got really irritated because she could inform me right away. As you can see, I always buy at Cinnabon if ever we are in Festival Mall but it was only this year that I used my PWD ID. (few weeks ago lang ko nakakuha)

Well, for your information. Seniors Citizen and PWD have 12% vat exemption and 20% discount privilege exclusively for the personal consumption. 

I just learned that for promotional offers, the Senior Citizen/PWD may avail of the promo or the 20% discount, whichever is more favorable to the Senior Citizen/PWD. 

Based on my experience, the staff did not inform me about my PWD discount or she doesn't care about my rights and benefits. She said, malaki na daw discount sa Minibon 9pcs, so let me compute. This is the infographic from Sen. Sonny Angara "How to Compute for Senior Citizen or PWD Discount".

I ordered Minibon 9 pcs for P440
The staff told me that I could get a discount for Minibon 4s for P210

P210/1.12 = P187.50
P187.50 x 0.80 = P150

Minibon 4pcs with PWD discount = P150
Minibon 4 pcs = P210
Minibon Classic 1 pc = P70

The total is P430 for 9 pcs compared to Minibon P440 without the discount. 

But of course, if she informed me immediately that I can only get discount on Minibon 4s for P210. I will change my order, I will just order 2 Minibon 4s.

Minibon 4pcs with PWD discount = P150
Minibon 4 pcs = P210

The total is P360 for 8pcs. 

Since I posted this on my Instagram and tag  #cinnabonphilippines. I received a reply within the day. 

I just do hope that they will inform their staffs about the benefits of Senior Citizen and PWD. Hindi naman ako mahirap kausap, pero yung hindi iacknowledge yung PWD ID, nakakainis yun. It is better if they put a sign or poster about R.A. 10754, R.A. 9994 and R.A. 9942. So to all my readers who have Senior Citizen Card or PWD ID, yung discount sa Cinnabon is up to 4pcs of Minibon lang. #knowyourrights #knowyourbenefits

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Update September 2018:

And because of my not so good experience at Cinnabon Bakery - Festival Mall, it took me a long time to pay a visit to Cinnabon Bakery. But this time I went to a different branch which is Cinnabon SLEX Gas Station. I gave my PWD ID and ordered 2 4-pack Minibon and the cashier processed my order. I paid P360, same computation ko above, 1 4-pack Minibon for P150 and 1 4-pack Minibon for P210.

When my son saw the cinnamon roll in the fridge, he asked me if I got a discount already. Oh di ba, di rin makalimutan ng anak ko yung hugot ko sa pagdeadma ng PWD ID ko dati. hehehe!


  1. Soon to open to sa Festival mall! beside cafe mary grace

  2. I like Cinnabon although I seldom get it because I'm trying to cut down on sugar. (Pero today, I'm craving for it haha!)

    It's sad in this country how we treat PWD's and the seniors. Our self-centric mindset is one of the reasons why we don't progress as a country, we always think na "naiisahan" tayo, instead na mapangunahan ng opportunity to bless others.

    1. Our family like Cinnabon too but after this incident, parang napapaisip na ko bumalik sa store nila. I agree, that's what I thought when the staff did not acknowledge my PWD ID, ganito ba nila itreat ang mga PWD and SC.

  3. Sad to hear that you have to go through great length to exercise your rights. Paano nalang yung iba na hindi lalaban. Aren't business like these supposed to be panalized? Its their duty to be educating their personnel right?

    1. Yes, that's what I feel when the staff did not acknowledge my PWD ID, kung ganun din ba nag naeexperience ng iba. I know that there is penalty if they do not give discounts pero knowing na mga big or giant business/corporation ang makakalaban mo, yung iba hindi na ilalaban. You're right, they should train and educate their staff.