April 23, 2013

Homemade Palitaw

One of my favorite merienda when I was young is palitaw; I can still remember those days that I really wait for the vendor voice shouting “palitaw” in our neighbourhood. After I graduated and started working, we crossed our path again and she still remembers me “ang kanyang suki”, but that was years ago.

Anyway, last weekend I’ve made my very first homemade palitaw. I asked my husband to buy glutinous rice, grated coconut and sesame seeds in the market. I thought it is not difficult to make palitaw but I was wrong because I can’t shape the dough properly so I ended up making different sizes. Hehehe!

1.Boil 2 quarts of water.
2.Toast the sesame seeds, mix it in 1 cup sugar and set aside.
3.Put the glutinous rice in a bowl then slowly add water until you get the right consistency.  
4.Shape dough into egg sized oval and flatten with thumb.
5.Drop palitaw in boling water and scoop out as soon as they float.
6.Drain and roll in grated coconut.
7.Serve with sugar and toasted sesame seeds.


  1. sarap nito with muscovado sugar! :D

  2. please share! not the recipe, the real one. heheh :)

  3. sarap naman... when you say glutinous rice, yung flour sya diba? I've been wanting to do this kaya lang kasi walang coconut sa pinas hay! I might try hydrating a dried coconut powder... baka magwork :-D yes, bigla nagka idea!

    Spanish Pinay

  4. XD Too bad this can't be done with a microwave. Huhu, hanggang microwave cooking lang ang kitchen skills ko e. But these look so delicioius I'm tempted to upgrade my skills. Haha!

    Great and informative post! >.< I'll let you know when I succeed!

    1. This is so easy and I'm sure you can do this. =)