April 12, 2013

Lunch at Adobo Connection

Last Tuesday after my son’s swimming lesson we went to SM Sta Rosa to pay bills and we had early lunch in Adobo Connection. One of my favorite menus in the house is Adobo, well it is so easy to cook so it is always on my menu. As in every week yata may adobo kami. I cook chicken adobo, pork adobo, adobong liver and gizzard, adobong sitaw and many more. Hehehe! Sabi nga nila "'Ang babae parang adobo, hindi kumpleto pag walang toyo. 

So it took me time in trying Adobo Connection restaurant because I always eat adobo but for the sake of trying this restaurant, we ate here.

We ordered Kuya’s Fried Mix Adobo P109, Lola’s Classic Mix Adobo P119, Gising-Gising P35 and Iced Tea with Soup P32. My husband is ordering extra rice for my son but the staff said “wag na daw bata naman”. Our meal kasi is rice all you can and hindi naman malakas kumain anak ko so we only order 2 adobo meals. Kudos to the staff! =)

The serving is huge so even it is rice all you can, I did not ask for extra serving. I tried two adobo meals but of course, I still like my own version of adobo. The chicken was tender but the pork was not and I find it dry. But my husband likes the Gising-Gising, it is very spicy kaya tagaktak ang pawis habang kumakain. 


  1. I've seen this place in so many malls there now pero haven't tried it yet. Maybe next time. =)

  2. i love adobo as well, lalo na yung luto ni Dadz (my hubby). I'll find one "adobo connection" near our place to try them out.