April 24, 2013

Kite Flying

Kite flying is one of the activities of my husband and son every weekend. I guess they’ve been flying kites for almost a month already but it was only last Sunday that I went with them. They invited me to join their bonding and since I have nothing to do I’m lazy to do household chores I joined them.

“I hope my children look back on today and see a mother who had time to play. There will be years for cleaning and cooking…for children grow up while we’re not looking”

I brought my camera so I could take pictures. I was just sitting in one corner then after few minutes, they’re calling me already.

Ethan: Mommy, throw the kite. Repeat 10x

Now I understand why they invited me to join, gusto nila na may taga hagis sila ng kite nila. It was a tiring activity, you know naman, I’m not active and I don’t like physical activity. But I had fun; I witnessed how happy my son flying kites kahit ilang minutes lang nagstay ang kite niya in the air. I can hear the laughter and I can see the smile from ear to ear. #walangkapaguran


  1. no need to spend big bucks to make kids happy! :D

  2. wow, looks like they are really havin' fun together. My little boy and his dad bond together via kite flying too.

  3. Hehe para may taga hagis sis? Di rin ako marunong ng ganyan. Sa picnic grove may ganyan, ang cute tignan nung mga kites. =)

  4. I've never flown a kite! We have a fishing pond at the back of our lot instead of a big yard!

  5. My daughter flew a kite na din when we were at her father's military camp! She super loved every moment of it. It was also my first time. Nakakatuwa pala talaga! :)

  6. Love kite flying. Was fortunate enough to have indulged in this activity when I was still a little girl. We lived near PICC kasi and we'd spend weekend nights there rollerblading and kite flying with my cousins. =)