April 06, 2013

Krispy Kreme: Mickey Mouse Doughnut

I’m not really fond of donut or doughnut but I love Krispy Kreme Original Glaze so that’s what we always order if ever we saw Krispy Kreme Store. Last Holy Week I’ve read Mel’s post “Mickey Mouse on Krispy Kreme”  and I find it so cute and I’m pretty sure that my son would love it. True enough, he saw this Mickey Mouse Doughnut when we visited Bonifacio High Street and as expected he uttered the magic word ‘’Mommy, I want this! I want Mickey Mouse Doughnut”.

So before going home, my mom and my sister went to Krispy Kreme Store to buy doughnuts for the kids. I was expecting that they will buy the Mickey Mouse doughnuts but I was wrong. So I don’t know what to say to Ethan after I saw the doughnuts because while waiting I kept on telling him to behave so he can have Mickey Mouse doughnut. #trustissueito. If the line is not long I will buy doughnuts but I know it would take me an hour so I promised him that we will buy doughnuts next time.

Yesterday, we were in Alabang Town Center and look for Krispy Kreme Store just to fulfill my promise. We bought 1 dozen assorted but I did not receive a free bag because it is out of stock. #huhuhu. I’ve been persuading the staff to give me the display kaso hindi ko siya naconvince. Hehehe!

The verdict is, “The doughnut is cute but it was not a hit, we still prefer J.Co doughnuts. The only thing I like is the Alcapone look alike and Pistachio flavor”. My son did not like it too, he will just take one bite then “Mommy, ayaw na, finish na”. #waah!

1 dozen = P450: Nakainin na namin bago ko napicturan. =)


  1. Cute! But i find KK too sweet. I love their orig glazed. For flavored donuts, J.co pa rin.

  2. sayang naman di kayo nakakuha ng bag.. hahaha! .... pero oh diba, sarap ng pistacho and yung almond ok din. di ko pa natry yung ibang flavors eh, di kami nakabili ng dozen of it, buti na lang... hahaha!

    1. sana nga 3 na lang binili ko kung wala pala yung free bag. hehehe!

    2. honga... anyway, pagnagkaroon ako ng bag, i'll give it to you na lang.. magiging dagdag basura lang samin yun. :)

  3. waaah. di rin nagustuhan. hi hi

  4. hello mommy michi! thank you for this post. i bought a box after reading this and posted it in my blog as well. and like your son, my son didnt like it as well :(