April 01, 2013

S&R Member's Treat and Free Pizza

We were so busy last month so even there’s S&R Member’s Treat last March 13-17, 2013 I did not include this in my calendar but last March 15, our TV stopped working so we have no choice but to buy a new one.

I guess we have to say goodbye to my TV. I had this TV for 8 years already, oh yes; I was still single when I had it so it was really an old model. But we have rules in the house na “pag kaya pa irepair, ipaayos, pag hindi pa sira, hindi pa papalitan”, so even there was an LCD, LED and now Smart TV we’re still using the old one.

But now, we decided to buy new one instead of going to repair shop. New TV models are space saver and energy efficient and I’m hoping that we can save more on electricity. 

Thank God because we were able to visit S&R Member’s Treat last day of sale so we were able to buy TV for less. We save almost P7000 + free home theatre worth P15,000. And because of that we were able to get free 1 whole pizza courtesy of HSBC promo. 


April 8, 2014
S&R Member's Treat

We’ve been a member of S&R for quite some time now and S&R Member’s Treat is something that we always look forward because of the big discounts and buy 1 take 1 promo. People do not mind the crazy lines because of the savings that they will get.

S&R had a March Big Deals but I control myself not to go there and wait for the Member’s Treat April 2-6, 2014. Comparing our experience before this Member’s Treat is like a normal day because parking is available, carts are everywhere, few people and no long lines.

Honestly, I was disappointed para talagang hindi Member’s Treat. Most of the items that we bought are in regular price and I think these are the only items that we bought at discounted price and B1T1 promo. Kirkland Fish Oil Vitamins at P749.95.


  1. same ang motto swak na swak kung pede pa ayusin ayusin ..... wow sana may pic sa bagong tv mo

    1. sayang kasi di ba. pero infairness sa 8yrs niya, never pa namin pinaayos. hehe!

  2. Wow, ang saya talaga pag may freebies! :D

  3. tamang pag retire mo na yung TV mo, mas matanda pa kay ethan, humihingi na yan ng pension... hahaha!

    1. hehehe! super tagal na nga. pero ayaw pa nga itapon ni hubby at may sentimental value daw. sabi ko pampasikip lang sa bahay. =)

  4. Yummy yang pizza na yan, healthier option pa

  5. We have the same philosophy. If it isn't broken, no need to replace it. Mahirap to keep up with the joneses noh. =)