April 30, 2013

Lunch at Sumo Sam

I was about to blog this yesterday but I felt so weak when I saw our electricity bill. Did you receive your bill already? I expected that there will be a tremendous increase but I still can’t accept it. I’ve been married for 7 years and this is the most expensive electricity bill that I’ve received. Well, it is better to pay electricity bills than hospital bills because of heat stroke.

Moving on, we ate our lunch in Sumo Sam before going to Fun Farm. I called my sister and she’s running late so we decided to eat here instead of fastfood. It is one of the new restaurants in Ayala Pavillion Mall so we tried it.

Since it was our first time, we took our time in checking the menu and I could say the price is not affordable but when our order arrived, we were surprised because the meal is good for two persons so I guess the price is worth it. We ordered Meat Kamameshi P249, Katsudon P268 and Tofu Miso P68.

Tofu Miso

Meat Kamameshi
As I mentioned, they have generous serving so we did not finish our meal. I was satisfied with the taste and flavor but according to my husband, taste is just ok. Well, taste is subjective. 


  1. I just recently blogged about SumoSam too! :D What a coincidence. Anyway, I like SumoSam for a localized Japanese restaurant. But yes, their prices aren't that affordable lalo na you can dine in an authentic Japanese restaurant and find almost similar prices. I like their Dynamite Roll though, and that Meat Kamameshi looks delish! :)

  2. Mukhang Masarap ang food:)

  3. I hear mixed reviews about Sumo Sam. Kay Marvin Agustin yan di ba? =)

  4. Yes sis, one of the restaurants ni Marvin.