October 20, 2017

Althea Korea Haul

This year, one of my personal goals is to take care of my skin, I’m not getting any younger so I have to take action. Actually, I feel that I’m already late because I should start doing this before I hit 30 but I’m really lazy in applying cream or anything on my face. But it is better to be late than never.

Last year, I started getting beauty product samples from Sample Room and I bought some kikay stuff from Beauty MNL site too. And now, I’m buying products from Althea Korea, I already shared my first shopping experience at Althea Korea here. I haven’t used all the products yet but because I’m interested on Korean beauty products, I kept on browsing their site and adding products on my wishlist. 

And because of the smooth transaction and price of their products, I placed another order again.

October 10 2017 - ordered and paid via Paypal 
October 13 2017 - ordered was shipped 
October 18, 2017 - I received my order. 

I wasn’t able to attend my friend’s birthday celebration because I was waiting for my package. Lol. Anyway, I’m happy that I got my package after one week. Here are the products...

1. Skin & Lab Vitamin Toner & Mist 

- You can use this product as a toner or mist which is perfect for hydrating your skin. I like that the product has a pump so it is easy to use. It has 5 kinds of vitamins such as vitamin A,  B, C, E and K which will make your skin soft, moist, elastic and healthy. 

- Recommended for sensitive skin, rough skin or dull skin, dark skin stone, tired and dehydrated skin and soothing needed skin.

When using as a toner:

1. After cleansing, put appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently wipe on the skin. You can do this in the morning and evening.
2. Pat lightly with your fingers to absorb into the skin

When using as a mist: 

1. Close eyes and spray directly to the face at a disatnce of 20cm whenever feeling dry.
2. Pat lightly in order to absorb into the skin.
3. Spray to the face whenever it feels dry or tired.

2. Althea Velvet Petal Powder 

3. Missha The Style 4D Mascara 
4. 10pcs of Boomdeahdah Facial Mask. 

2 Lemon - Lime 
2 Rice 
2 Olive 
2 Berry 
2 Pomegranate 
2 Honey 

I’m excited to try the facial masks sheets, I just bought few pieces so I can try each variant kung ano mas ok. Next time, I will buy the Green Tea and Aloe

I have more products on my wishlist, mukhang nakakaubos ng pera ang pampaganda noh? Beauty is an investment talaga. Walang panget na tao, wala lang pera pampaganda. Hehehe! I will update this post, once I’ve tried each products. From this box, Skin & Lab Vitamin Toner & Mist pa lang nagagamit ko. 

Now I have beauty routine every night, sana lang maging consistent. Hehehe! 

1. Missha Frui-Tea Cleansing Foam 
2. Skin & Lab Vitamin Toner & Mist 
3. Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence (from Althea Korea Head to Toe Box)

So far, I like these products and I can feel and see na may difference na sa skin ko.

If you want to order at Althea Korea, use this link. Get P200 off on your first purchase, minimum of P1500. Happy shopping!

October 19, 2017

Radisson Blu Hotel in Trondheim Norway

Our flight back to the Philippines is at 8AM so we had no choice but to book a hotel so we won’t miss our flight. The earliest schedule of the boat is 6AM so hindi na kami aabot if magbiyahe pa kami, at least 2 hours before flight dapat nasa airport na kami. So we reserved a room last April at Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim. This is where my husband stayed too when he went back to the Philippines. Check here for my review.
Fast forward to our Iceland trip, we took taxi, ferry boat and bus to Trondheim Airport. We had 3 big luggage + 1 hand carry trolley luggage. We did not have a hard time in commuting because everything is accessible naman, yun lang mahabang lakaran to the bus station. 

Kanya-kanya kami bitbit, rain or shine tuloy ang biyahe. Thanks to our jacket at ni hindi kami makapagpayong sa bitbit. hehehe!
Upon arrival at the airport, we walked towards to Radisson Blu Hotel because we’re going to leave our 2 big luggage. Though we have baggage allowance on Iceland Air, we didn’t want to bring it anymore. Good thing that the hotel allows us to leave our luggage even our reservation is 4 days ahead. I experienced leaving luggage after check-out but this is the first time that I left our luggage before check-in. I was worried at first because nandun lahat ng pasalubong ko and of course damit namin ng anak ko. But my mom said, ano ka ba Norway ito, safe yan luggage niyo

After 4 Days in Iceland, we arrived back in Trondheim and walked to the hotel. We got our luggage and kung paano ko siya iniwan, ganun pa rin siya hindi nagbago. I took picture of it kasi for proof. Hehehe! 

My mom checked-in and off we went to our room. As expected, the room is not that big, with its price, pang 5-star hotel na dapat yung laki ng room but unfortunately, rooms are not that big. This is the room, excuse me for the mess because I was repacking again. I need to fit our 4 days laundry to our luggage back to the Philippines.

I was supposed to use the hand-carry trolley luggage of my mom but it was broken, nasira siya nung pag-uwi namin. Sinama kasi namin sa check-in and we can’t buy a replacement because it was holiday so closed ang mall so I have no choice kundi isiksik gamit ko sa 2 luggage. 

Anyway, this hotel offers basic accommodation if you need a place to sleep in before or after your flight. The bed and pillows are comfy, there is TV pero wala naman mapanood (English Channel). hehehe! My mom requested for an extra bed for NOK150. 

The bathroom is also small. There is complimentary soap, bath gel, conditioner, and shampoo. But there is no bidet. 

The hotel has a restaurant but when we checked the menu, we did not like anything so we walked to the airport just to buy food for our dinner. 

We had buffet breakfast at Longhorn Restaurant and Bar. It is not that big and the buffet spread offers bread, cold cuts, eggs, salad and drinks. When we're about to finish, I notice the breakfast menu on our table, sayang hindi ko agad nabasa, I want omelet and bacon pa naman.

Anyway, we did not stay long because our flight is 8AM so we checked-out and walked to the airport. It was a nice feeling that we had a good rest before our flight, first-time ko yung naglakad lang papunta airport. Pag na-late pa naman kami di ba, ilang tumbling lang. 

P.S. They have free wifi and free ice cubes, I saw an ice dispenser after the elevator.

October 18, 2017

Glimpse of Trondheim Airport

If you are going to Ørland, you need to book a flight to Trondheim. Trondheim Airport is the nearest airport in my mom’s place. I think they have airport in Ørland but the flight is limited and airfare is very expensive so people still choose Trondheim Airport which is located in Værnes in Nord-Trøndelag county.

Trondheim Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the country, they have two terminals, one for domestic and one for an international flight. The airport is not that big so you will not get lost and you have nothing to do if you are early. We experienced that when we went to Iceland, we were so early because we took the early ferry boat schedule para hindi naman kami maghabol sa flight namin.

Unlike in the Philippines, people here can go inside the airport. When we arrived in Trondheim, we were walking fast to the baggage carousel and I did not notice that my stepdad was already walking towards us. I was expecting na paglabas pa namin ng airport siya makikita. Hehehe! So he helped us in getting our luggage and off we went to the parking lot.

If you don’t have a service, don’t worry because you can ride bus, train and car service, you can see those transportations outside the airport. From the Ferry Terminal, we rode the bus to the airport. Fare is NOK150 per person but my mom got a discount when she showed our ticket from the Ferry boat. In Norway, they have different rates, meron for kids, for family, PWD, seniors and etc.

When we went back to the Philippines, my mom accompanied us until check-in counter. After we checked-in my mom went home na rin. She told me that she rode train on her way back to Ferry Terminal. She went to the bus but the bus driver informed her that she can ride train because the bus will not leave soon. Oh di ba, bus driver pa nagsuggest na magtrain na lang siya para di mainip. My mom did not know that so next time itry din naman magtrain. Fare is much cheaper too, I think NOK80+ lang per person.

There is a hotel near the airport, this is where we stayed before going back to the Philippines. You can check my Radisson Blu Hotel review here and here. This is the reason why I have top view photos of the Trondheim Airport, because this is our view from our hotel room.

At the aiport, you can check-in using the machine or at the counter. We checked-in at the counter because when we tried the machine, our airline was not included in the option. At the lobby, there are few options for food and drinks but after the security check, medyo marami na rin choices. We tried 7-11, Pizza Hut and Simply Good Eats and Treats Restaurant. Food and drink are not cheap so it is best to bring an empty water bottle so you can refill water at the drinking station.

There is Duty-Free Shop too, where you can buy pasalubong and souvenirs from Norway.

I saw an ATM too where you can choose the currency, though I haven’t tried it.

And because we’re so early, we experienced na wala pa kami 5 persons sa boarding gate.

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Glimpse of Oslo Airport

Free wifi at the airport but for a limited time only (I'm not sure if 2hrs only). I used their wifi when we arrived from Iceland then when we checked in the following morning, I couldn't connect to the wifi, maybe because wala pa 24 hrs simula nung ginamit ko siya. Good thing our boarding gate is near Radisson Blu Hotel, so nakiconnect na lang ko dun. hehehe! 

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October 17, 2017

Pasalubong from Norway

There are no classes for two days already because of Nationwide Transport Strike but I’m still busy because I need to finish my son’s reviewer for his exam. But now, let me take a break and continue my Summer in Norway series.

My friend asked me “kung ano daw mura bilhin sa Norway na pangpasalubong”. I said, “Walang mura! Hehehe!”. If you’ve been to Norway or if you’ve read travel blogs about Norway, you will always read that Norway is one of the expensive countries in the world so you really need an extra budget if you are planning to visit this country.

I agree to that, whenever I go to their grocery store, if ever we will eat in the fastfood or restaurant or if we will take public transportation, I can’t help myself in converting the amount to Philippine Peso. Mahal talaga siya. Good thing that their water is potable so no need to buy mineral water if ever you will stay in a hotel.

But of course, even the price is expensive I still bought some pasalubong, minsan lang naman ko makapunta ng Norway e. Few days before we left, we went to the grocery to buy chocolates, juice, sauces etc. As usual, my son bought Kinder Egg Surprise and Kinder Maxi Chocolate.

Hindi kasama Snickers, baon ko pa yan from Philippines. hehehe!
Don’t forget to buy Freia chocolates, we really love their chocolates and you can’t buy this anywhere. So far, hindi ko pa siya nakikita sa ibang country so I can only taste this pag-umuuwi mom ko. There was no sale when we bought the chocolates, sana pala bumili na ko ng madami nung April. We bought Freia chocolates before my husband went back to the Philippines for my in-laws, at that time nakasale. Nung pauwi na ko, wala man lang sale. Waah!

Freia chocolate has so many variants, I almost tried everything na rin since my mom always buys different flavor but our personal favorite is Melkesjokolade and Firkløver. We also like their chocolate chips cookies so I bought this for our snacks while waiting in the airport.

The Freia Kvikk Lunsj chocolate is my husband’s favorite. It is like Kitkat chocolate pero mas type niya ito.

There is Freia Twist too, it is an assorted chocolate. Not really our favorite but this is good pasalubong for those who like to try different flavors.

My aunt wanted to buy chocolates para iuwi ko but I don’t have enough space so she just gave me money. I bought this Freia Melkehjerter at Oslo Airport it is buy 3 + 1 promo. This is good pasalubong too kasi may I heart Norway pa na nakalagay. Hehehe! There are two boxes of chocolate inside the box.

And because I like their sauces, I bought Hollandaise Sauce and Bearnaise Sauce.

We also love their Lerum juice syrup, just add water lang. If hindi lang mabigat sa luggage, bibili ko ng marami nito. I bought Blåbærsaft, I have Solbaer sirup na, prize ko sa Bingo. Hehehe!

We also went to the bookstore to buy some souvenirs like magnet and keychain. I saw the receipt in the plastic bag so check the price below. You can also buy this in the airport, I think, hindi naman nagkakalayo price nila.

Stuffed toy keychain NOK79
Refrigerator magnet NOK49
Keychain NOK70
Swiss Knife NOK115

If your stopover is Netherlands, check my post about Pasalubong from Netherlands.

If Sweden, Pasalubong from Sweden

3 Tips to Stay Safe When Taking an Uber

When taking any type of public transportation, it is important to follow preventative measures to ensure that you and others that are traveling with you are safe. Whether you are sober or you have had a few drinks with friends, making sure that you are safe when using public transportation can ensure that you end the day or night on a good note. You may be wondering how safety plays a role in taking an Uber, but it does. 

This article will highlight several tips on how you can be safe when taking an Uber

1. Plan ahead and request your ride from inside if at all possible. 

This is particularly important if you are requesting a ride in the evening or after dark. The reason for this is that standing outside in the dark can open yourself up to potential risks as you may not know who is around you. If you are enjoying a lovely night out with friends at a local pub and then stand on the street waiting for your Uber after the pub has closed down, there could be a limited number of people around you and this is a time in which predators pounce on those they perceive to be an easy target. By planning your ride ahead and staying indoors until the ride arrives, you can eliminate any potential unsavory actions from others. 

2. Sit in the backseat and wear your seatbelt. 

When traveling in any car, sitting in the backseat is typically the safest part of the vehicle. The same goes for traveling in an Uber car. When at all possible, sit in the backseat with your seatbelt on and ride with a friend. As soon as the Uber pulls up, confirm that it is the right car, hop into the backseat and while putting your seatbelt on, confirm your destination with your driver. 

3. Share your location or trip information with friends. 

Allowing your friends to know where you are at any given time is important. It can ensure that you are safe and that if something was to go wrong, your friend or family member could alert authorities immediately. This may seem like an outlandish concern, but prevention is key to staying safe in your surroundings. There is no way that you can be too hypervigilant when it comes to your own safety.   

There are other ways to ensure your safety when taking an Uber such as providing only the information that is on your app to the driver. The driver should not ask you for personal information and if the driver does so, you may consider reporting it to Uber so that they can make note of it. Driver’s should simply be courteous and polite and take you from point A to point B in a safe and reliable manner. For additional information on Uber services and ridesharing, be sure to visit www.rydely.com.

October 13, 2017

Our Nursing Home Experience in Norway

For the past few months, I’ve been sharing different tourist spots that we have visited in Norway. But even we spent our whole summer in Norway, it is not all about pleasure. There are days that we went to Nursing Home. 

My mom works in Nursing Home for more than two decades already. When we first went to Norway, she was already working there. She even suggested na magnursing na lang ko so I can also work in Norway. But I did not see myself working in the hospital or nursing home so I pursue another career.

I did not grow up living with my mom because she needs to work in order to support us. It is not easy to support three kids in the Philippines. I’m proud of my mom because we were able to finish school because of her hardwork. I don’t know how she managed to study, work and take care of my youngest sister. Hindi ko alam paano niya hinati-hati katawan niya. Hehehe! 

During our first visit in Nursing Home, she was cleaning the nursing home or working in the kitchen, then she became a caregiver where she took care of the grandparents. But now, she works in activity center. She did not stop studying and learning in order to level-up. In fact, she finished her High School and College Degree in Norway, halos sabay-sabay kami grumaduate. 

Fast forward to our trip, after my mom’s vacation leave she invited us to go with her in Nursing Home. As I mentioned, my mom works in Activity Center where she makes programs and activities for the grandparents. So living in nursing home in Norway is not boring, may social life din ang mga lolo at lola. That’s why the grandparents miss my mom if she is in the Philippines kasi sarado ang Activity Center. Hehehe! 

The job is not easy because she started her work in preparing the center, cooking waffle or baking dessert for snacks, prepare for the activities, facilitate the program and of course clean the mess after. In short, all around so she is really grateful to those volunteer workers, as in they work without pay. So may assistant siya sa center. You cannot just go there to volunteer, you need permission and approval din. Some volunteers are retirees, refugees and those who wants to gain work experience. 

The activity center is open from Monday to Friday and my favorite day is Bingo Day (Wednesday), we pay NOK10 for every card and fortunately, we won in our first and last game. Prizes are foods, drinks and some stuff that grandparents can use in their rooms. Their Bingo cards are like placemat sa laki, ginawa talaga nila para hindi mahirapan yung grandparents na makita number. The activity center is not only open to those who live in Nursing Home, so if you are in senior years you can join their activity. 

What did we do in Nursing Home? Well, we helped my mom in her work. We fixed tables and chairs, prepare bingo cards, plant and water the flowers, fold table napkins, did some crafts, helped in the kitchen and the best part is tasting her cakes, waffle or any dessert. 

Nilalamig na sa pagtatanim. hehehe!

My son enjoyed playing with the grandparents, they play bowling, ring toss, passing ball and many more. I realized, competitive din pala ang mga lolo at lola, talagang they are doing their best para sila yung high score. Of course, may prize yung nanalo. Well, my son’s prize is ice cream or chocolate after his volunteer work. 

Of course, hindi lang Bingo ang ginagawa nila. There are art and crafts, physical activities and sometimes grandparents also go out too. May field trip din,  they watch movies, visit recreational areas and trip to Ørland Main Air Station. This is one thing that I want to visit pero super strict sila sa pwede lang pumasok. Sa tagal ng nanay ko sa Norway, hindi pa rin siya nakapasok. Hehehe! 

Sometimes they also have festivals, mini concerts or any activity na maisipan ng mom ko. But we always go sa Bingo day, hehehe! I just can’t post the pictures and videos, in respect of the privacy of the grannies and grandads. One more thing, I notice that they are very private person, they are not fond of taking pictures and videos. They don’t even post on Facebook or Instagram. Very opposite natin na, picture before eating foods or capture every moments for souvenir.