May 04, 2012


Last December my husband received a call from Smart, Customer Service Representative told him that he is qualified for iPhone 4S as his retention plan. Then last month he received a call again, CSR told him if he says yes, the phone will be delivered straight to our house. But until now, my husband is still undecided because he doesn’t like the plan, I guess P1000 for an unlimited data plan and P300 consumable, (not so sure). He doesn’t need the unlimited data plan. He inquired in Globe and it seems that they have the same offer.

Every month he keeps on bugging me if he will grab the offer or not. But I always say the same thing “whatever” or sometimes I will tell him to accept the offer and exchange it with my phone. Hehe! I’m not really into gadgets; all I know is iPhone 4S is very popular and expensive. There are so many brands and models in the market and I don’t even know what the latest is. I have no idea about cables, LG faceplates, adapters or cool cell phone accessories

Well, let’s wait and see what happens, maybe after 48 years he can make up his mind. Are you using iPhone 4S? Do you have any positive or negative feedback that you can share?


  1. Not using an Iphone here but wanted one... Not because of Siri but because of the camera and its apps :) Iphone 4s comes with an 8MP Camera. So, if tamad ka like me to get the digi cam/ slr and snap right away, go for it! :) The resolution of the pics are even better than digicams. Plus, they have invented a case na that's waterproof :)

  2. Not a touchscreen fan eh kaya I'm not really sure but it has come to my mind from time to time kaya lang sobrang mahal din dito. I have a blackberry phone (company issued) and for now, it's serving me right - browsing, emails, chats etc. My sis has one (recently acquired) and so far she's liking it. So depende talaga sa need mo. If your hubby uses his phone just for calling and texting for instance, I'd say nde worth it mag-invest.

    Spanish Pinay

  3. this phone has a great applications....but if your husband is to just plain call and text...I guess this phone is not ideal:) its ideal for you:)

  4. I'm using an iPhone 4S and I love it. Though im not sure if im the right person to ask coz Im a big Apple fan. I like my iPhone coz it's simple to use, great camera, it's fast, slick and beautiful. They also do not devaluate as much as the other phones. Ive always had iPhone and I was even able to sell my first one and used the money for Poj's christening the last we were home.
    The best thing about it is that itcan be what you want it to be. You can download apps that would suit your needs and iTunes have got thousands more than others. When on the go I call, text, iMessage, blog, tweet, Skype, browse, take photos, record, watch or play with it. =)

  5. naku, napapaghalata edad ni manong ariel.. hahaha! i think that he doesn't need it kasi hassle mag text and call during driving.... pero he can always use his old phone and give you the iphone 4S. :P

  6. Life is sooo much easier with iphone 4. grab it sis! :-)