May 04, 2012

Final Decision

Last Saturday on our way to “Healthier Moms, Happier Kids” event, my sister-in-law asked us if we know someone who needs a job because they have an opening for a finance position. Then all of a sudden my husband told me to update my resume and submit it to my sister-in-law.  I asked him, who will take care of our son? He immediately said we will hire a nanny and he will ask his mom to move into our house so my son won’t be alone with a stranger.

Ok, fine with me! It seems that he has a plan already. But I won’t apply in financial position because I don’t like that job, I had an OJT in the finance department and I witnessed how stressful their job so I’m absolutely sure that Austin bookkeeping and quickbook Dallas job won’t work for me. I used to be a bank teller (first job) and I did not enjoy it.

Yesterday, I asked my husband again if he’s really serious about it and the answer is still the same. So last night, I was updating my resume, checking available jobs online and reading my “interview” file. Then suddenly, my husband changed his mind. He was convincing me that “I don’t need to work, he is happy that I’m dedicated to them and he could not ask for more”. The final decision, “he wants me to stay at home”.

Time will tell if ever I will work again or not but as of this moment, my son needs me on his new chapter. He still needs me on his first day of school. 


  1. Sis, i can soo relate. Just last week, the hubby asked if i wanted to work since Akira will be going to school next year. And then 3days ago, he said i need to stay at home and take care of Akira. Anlabo :)

    1. bakit kaya ganun noh? ano kaya mga nakain ng mga hubby natin. =)

  2. happy for you michi... seems you are so attached to ethan and it'll be very hard for both of you to be apart. It must be tough for your hubby as well. Life is hard and maybe the needs of your family is increasing that's why it came to his mind that you can both help in the finances, it must be really hard for him to decide on this. You're so lucky to have a very hardworking hubby.

  3. kaya naman nya kaya di mu na need mgwork