May 31, 2012

Book Review: Brainy Connections EBook Review

I can’t remember if we have children’s books when we’re young except for the Bible stories books. My mom used to read me stories every night and this is one thing I missed when she left. Now that I have a son, I always buy books for him though I admit that we don’t read books every day. But I’m trying my best to read at least one book a day.

I don’t have Ebook for kids yet but fortunately, I got two samples of Brainy Connections Ebook, Codley and the Sea Cave Adventure, and Lexi Flairheart and the Forbidden door.

Codley and the Sea Cave Adventure; 

Codley is an adventurous octopus who loves to explore the ocean and meet new friends. Codley has a friend named Pokie the Puffer Fish.

Codley and Pokie decided to explore a mysterious cave where they met a new friend and experienced a dangerous and strong current.

I love this book because it talks about friendship. My son who loves fish and other sea creatures will definitely enjoy this.

Lexi Flairheart and the Forbidden Door; 

Lexi is a five-year-old kid who loves to bring a backpack wherever she goes. She is like the other kids who are curious and want to learn new things. She hates closed doors and she always wants to see what’s on the other side. She even opened the forbidden door and discovered new things.

This book is good for those kids who are curious and innovative.

About the Author

Lisl Fair has a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology. She left private practice to spend more time with her four children and took up a career in writing from home.

She is the author of numerous magazine articles dealing with a variety of parenting subjects and is involved in the development of educational children's books.

She is involved in Brain-Based Learning and Development and helps parents and children discover how they are unique on a part-time basis.

Both eBooks are available on for $2.99 each. 


  1. touched namna ako for mentioning me in your post:)

  2. Si Ykaie mahilig din sa books pero wala pa syang ebook. I'm sure magugustuhan nya tong 2 na to!