May 18, 2012

Summer Essential

Summer is not yet over because we can still feel the scorching heat of the sun though there are times that we experienced occasional rain showers, it is still hot. My family summer essential is aircon; it seems that we can’t live without this appliance.

When we move to our house, we can’t really sleep comfortably because aircon wasn’t installed yet and we can no longer use the old aircon because it will not fit our new room. My son had skin rashes because of the heat so we went to my doctor to have it check. When we reached the hospital, the rashes were lessening maybe because of the aircon of the car. So after the check-up, we immediately bought aircon and have it installed as soon as possible.

Aircon is very important to us and I don’t even know how we are going to survive the summer heat without the aircon. I’m very much thankful to the inventor of this appliance, whoever you are. Hehe! And because it is very significant in our lives, we make sure that we maintain this home appliance. Preventive maintenance is a must at least once a year but my husband is in-charge for that. Sometimes if our aircon needs a minor repair, he will not call any repairman like Hvac Austin and Cedar Park AC Repair, so it is really a big saving on our part. But if he can’t fix it, we will just call our neighbors to fix it.

The only disadvantage of this appliance is, it always makes me nervous every time I receive our electric bill. 

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  1. We have the same concern, sis! Kahit nagbaba na singil sa meralco, hindi malayong sky high na nmn ang bill nmin nito :(. goodluck sten :)