May 08, 2012

Day Trip at Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa

I never thought that we would be busy this summer season and it is already start of May and we still do not have any summer outing. Hmmm…so I will just reminisce again our past trip, hehe! 

I’ll be sharing our Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa (now Mithi Resort and Spa) experience last December 2007, yay! five years ago already. Well, I was supposed to be here last August 2007 but my Supervisor just gave me one day leave, I already filed my leave five months before but still she did not approve my 2 days leave. I have no choice but to rebook our flight. (so expensive).

Fast forward to December 2007, we were able to pursue our trip, it was almost cancelled because my husband still has no vacation leave, two weeks pa lang siya that time sa present company niya. Hehe!

I have no itinerary that time so we just go with the flow. After our countryside tour we decided to have a day tour at Panglao Island Nature resort and Spa. It is one of the best resorts in Panglao Island so this was our first choice to experience Panglao beach. We just took a cab to get there; the cost of fare is double so if it is P150 you need to pay the taxi driver P300.

We didn’t know that there is a cave (Cambagat Cave) inside PINR so we are lucky to personally see it.

The service in PINR is just ok for me and the taste of the food is just ok, there is nothing special about it considering the price. Sana hindi na lang kami nag-upgrade to buffet dinner and ala carte meal is fine.

Anyway, the trip is still memorable, how I wish I can go back to Bohol and experience Island Hopping.

Bohol Countryside Tour
          Damaged Heritage Site


  1. .... nice naman ... pupuntahan ko yan!

  2. nangiti ako, hehe i was still a bagets when i first visited pinr. =)

  3. sabihin na kay mama bohol tau next yr.

  4. This place is so beautiful! I really want to go next time we go back to Pinas for a vacation. My father and his co-workers are actually leaving for Bohol and exploring Panglao soon. Such a beautiful place and thank you for sharing. Now I can really convince my husband to go. hehehe... :) Visiting via MLM.

  5. parang maganda talagang puntahan diyan....

  6. wow- the place is awesome! Hindi ra rin ako naka punta dyan. Thanks for joining us :)

  7. I love their infinity pool! Totoo yung staffs nila di masyado accomodating. Di namn lahat yung iba lang. Medyo na deadma kami nung nagtatanong kami tungkol sa locker.

    1. true, yung iba dedma lang. pero pansin ko sa foreigner ok naman sila. sana walang discrimination noh. hehe!

  8. wow another nice place to see in Panglao. Last April we were in one of the beach resorts in Panglao and i love the white sand. ^^

    your photos are all wonderful!

    i also made my entry. hope you can drop by.

  9. wow! beautiful pictures of you and your sweetie pie Sis :-) beautiful resort and the water looks so inviting :-) Dropping by from MLM

  10. you brought me back to my memory lane there in Panglao Island Nature resort. ganda nu? i miss their buffet food! dyan kami nag-honeymooney... hehehe sensya sa late visit ko sis. paumanhin! thank you for joining MLM.